COVID-19 Procedures – Updated February 2021

/COVID-19 Procedures – Updated February 2021

COVID-19 Procedures – Updated February 2021

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As of February 2021,  most of Colorado is in Level Yellow with a few counties in both Blue and Orange, which allows for and recognizes the benefits of healthy outdoor activities such as hiking, disc golf and volunteering while offering guidance for safe social distancing. In accordance with these guidelines, CannaVenture has instituted the following procedures for future events until otherwise noted:
  1. Groups no larger than 25. Per the Governor’s order, we will be keeping groups on the trail to under 25 people. In some cases, this will mean that the larger group of attendees will be split into multiple sub-groups to keep numbers low and stay compliant.
  2. Staff screening. All staff will be screened for symptoms prior to engaging in the hike. Any staff who has COVID-19 symptoms should not come to work for 10 days after exposure and get tested. Staff who exhibit COVID-19 symptoms must  not come to work and get tested. Staff who develop COVID-19 symptoms while at work should immediately notify their supervisor and be separated from others, sent home, and referred to state or company support services and get tested.
  3. 6ft Distance. Trails are a great place to spread out a bit, and we will be recommending that hikers stay at least 6 feet from members of other households.
  4. BYOC. While Consumption is not endorsed as public consumption remains illegal, if you do choose to consume at your own risk, we ask that you bring your own cannabis and do not share smoking devices or smokables (joints, blunts, pipes, etc.) with members of other households.
  5. Masks. Hikers are encouraged to wear a mask while recreating, especially when they cannot guarantee or come within 6ft of members of other households. The state recommends that you wear face coverings during check-in, staging, transportation to and from activity if in a shared vehicle, as well as during end-of-trip disembarking activities.
  6. If you may be sick, STAY HOME. Get tested if you are sick or have COVID-19 symptoms. Any attendee who has COVID-19 symptoms should not come to an event for a minimum of 14 days after exposure and get tested. Attendees who develop COVID-19 symptoms while at the event should immediately notify a crew leader and be separated from others, sent home, and referred to state or company support services and get tested.
  7. If someone in your home may be sick, STAY HOME. Avoid recreating in public spaces if anyone in your household is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.
  8. Sanitize. Staff will be sanitizing where applicable when possible but will have limited amounts of supplies on hand. It is best to assume that all common surfaces on hikes and in public areas have not been sterilized.
Guidance to Attendees:
  • Travel only with members of your household in your local region. Do not invite guests to carpool with you.
  • Use personal equipment for hiking equipment (no rentals or “loaned” items).
  • Bring hand sanitizer to clean hands when soap and water is not available.
  • Secure food, water, gas, and any other needed hiking supplies in your home community. You should not go to a community grocery store, restaurant, supply store, or gas station near the trailhead except for emergency situations. 
  • Do not share snacks or water, except in emergency situations.
  • Be prepared and plan ahead for extremely limited facilities, as many will be closed or reduced access. You must pack out your trash and waste and follow additional guidance from DNR. 
  • Do not hike if you or anyone in your household has any symptoms such as fever, coughing, or shortness of breath.
  • Do not engage in risky activities and strictly follow any local county fire bans as fire, search, and rescue volunteers are involved in other important public health activities right now.
More information on Safer at Home and Colorado’s efforts to fight COVID-19 can be found here:

Ben Owens
Founder and National Crew Leader


Updated: 2/11/21

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