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Our mission is to offer curated experiences that emphasize an outdoor lifestyle and a passion for cannabis.

About The CannaVenture®

CannaVenture® is an event-planning service focused on low-cost, outdoor cannabis adventures. We host hikes, campouts, sporting tournaments and music festivals, as well as work with local nonprofits and organizations like NORML to coordinate social events that embrace the best aspects of the outdoors, the community, and cannabis. Through regular events that encourage active, outdoor enjoyment and welcome people of all persuasions and backgrounds, the CannaVenture helps to overcome the challenges that cannabis consumers face due to preexisting stereotypes. The CannaVenture embraces the philosophy that you have the right to hike high, camp high, and be high, and you can do so in a responsible, social environment.

The CannaVenture® has roots in Broomfield, CO. Its following of supporters and attendees, The CannaVentureCrew, are a community of active individuals who have come together over a love of exploration and cannabis. This organization is for individuals of legal age who reside in states that have legalized cannabis either for medicinal or recreational use.

We help you meet new people with similar interests through regular hikes, gatherings, campouts and more. We can give you a social life, a whole new group of friends, or just some company along one of the many natural excursions that Colorado, and the rest of the country, have to offer. We have something for everyone!

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To promote and foster the communal and appreciative growth and development that occurs when people of like-minded interests join together for excursions into nature, away from the daily hustle and bustle that often overwhelms us. To provide members with an opportunity for personal development and achievement and an avenue for intelligent and active participation in the world around us, and to develop true friendship and understanding among persons of all backgrounds.

Simply put, the purpose of the CannaVenture® is to become a force for good in the community, both to address the stereotype of “lazy stoners” as well as encourage responsible, social cannabis consumption. By joining, you’ll explore various natural wonders of Colorado and receive hands-on experience in the good old outdoors, which translates to the enhancement of personal growth and the development of valuable personal skills. This is the total CannaVentureCrew concept.


It all began when Cannabenoid (Ben Owens, founder) moved from Chicago, IL to Broomfield, CO in 2015. From this point on, Cannabenoid wanted to meet new people in the area, people who shared his interests of photography, hiking, camping, and cannabis. He wanted to find a way to meet other active, motivated cannabis enthusiasts. From this modest beginning, Cannabenoid’s “CannaVenture®” began to move forward and on April 9, 2016, the first official CannaVenture® was hosted at Reynolds Park in Conifer, CO. The CannaVentureCrew has quickly gained attention from the cannabis community in Colorado as well as surrounding states. As the movement continues to grow, the Crew has increased in size beyond anything Cannabenoid could have imagined.

The idea has proved contagious and residents in other legal areas are invited to reach out about forming a local chapter in their area. After battling for cannabis equality and the destruction of stereotypes and stigmas, we owe it to ourselves to show the world that we are more than cheeto-munching stoner sloths.

Legal Disclaimer:

  • All attendees must be 21 years of age or older. While we understand that some medical patients may be under 21, we must abide by the MED’s rules for compliance and as the environment cannot be strictly medical, we must treat it as a recreational space that is open only to those 21+.

  • While the CannaVenture® endorses cannabis consumption and an active cannabis lifestyle, we explicitly do not endorse consumption of cannabis on public land. If you choose to consume at any events that take place at such locations, you do so at your own risk and understand that you are on public land that may be subject to additional county, state and federal laws. By attending a CannaVenture®, you agree that any violation of local, state and federal laws, especially regarding consumption, is your responsibility and yours alone and you will indemnify CannaVenture® and its affiliates from any damages that result from these actions. We will have consumption-friendly areas and vehicles whenever possible.

  • Events that take place on private land will have explicit consumption policies that are clear and available to anyone with further questions.

  • The CannaVenture® does not offer any cannabis in any capacity as we are not a licensed dispensary, however our licensed dispensary partners are able to offer you discounts on your cannabis in a friendly and legal environment.

  • You cannot purchase cannabis, seeds, clones, or other cannabis derivatives from CannaVenture® or any of its affiliates at the events. Licensed cannabis businesses are prohibited from selling cannabis in an uncontrolled environment such as an event. Our sponsors may provide limited coupons, deals and samples as deemed compliant by their legal advisors.

  • By attending this event and partaking in the activities, you consent to be photographed and/or filmed and that content may appear in and be used for promotional purposes.


Our team at CannaVenture® makes everything you see possible. They have all volunteered their time and talents in an effort to make each CannaVenture a memorable experience.

Ben Owens

Crew Leader & Founder

Ben Owens began his cannabis career during his undergraduate years at the University of Missouri – Columbia with the help of a few friends, a blunt wrap, and a gram of ganja. Graduating with a Masters and Bachelor’s in Strategic Communication & Journalism, Owens’ focus has been on integrating the professionalism and high standards of the advertising and journalism industries into the cannabis and counter culture realm. Owens founded CannaVenture® in March 2016 as the merger between two of his utmost passions: the outdoors and cannabis.

Trevor Vandiver

TN Crew Leader

After training as a Chef and securing a degree in Culinary Arts, Trevor shifted his focus to the medicinal, wellness side of cannabis. Working for an all natural wellness facility located in Middle Tennessee, Trevor continues to spread the word of positive benefits of cannabis in Non-Legal states. Trevor first attended a CannaVenture hike in April of 2019 in Colorado. Seeing the positive impact, joy, and potential the group brings to the people, Ben and Trevor decided to take a big leap and expand Cannaventure to the south. Trevor is a simple man, if you ever want to get on his good side, he’ll always enjoy a Big joint of some fruity tasting Kush.


Dustin Sweden

Brand Representative

Dustin Sweden began his cannabis career in the heart of Mesa, Arizona. Eventually migrating to Colorado, Dustin began a passionate career in cannabis, working tirelessly to showcase his ability to be a productive, enthusiastic cannabis professional as the Lead Budtender for Sweetleaf Cannabis. Sweden met Owens at the second CannaVenture in 2016 and has since attended or staffed almost every event. You can typically find him with a footlong blunt or joint or wood-burning one of his custom wood rolling trays by hand.

Jordan Person

Brand Representative

For as long as she can remember, cannabis and the great outdoors have had a very symbiotic relationship in Jordan Person’s life. Nature and plant medicine allow her to hit the reset button. Originally from Florida, she has traded beaches and mangroves for balance in nature via hiking and camping in the beautiful rocky mountains of Colorado. Jordan is a nurse and massage therapist by trade and owns two wellness based companies, Primal Therapeutics and Primal Healing. She enjoys writing, volunteering for CannaVenture, and studying herbalism in her spare time.


We work with the very best. We are grateful for our sponsors, who work with us to deliver the best outdoor cannabis events.


No CannaVenture® is too big or too small for our team. If it seems interesting to you, join us. Let us elevate your escape.