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CannaVenture was founded on the belief that nature and cannabis both have the power of enriching and enhancing our lives and our experiences.


Time spent in the outdoors has proven to improve quality of life and cannabis has made life more accessible for many. We believe it is our obligation to give back and support efforts to increase accessibility to the healing benefits of nature for all. By supporting the efforts of an organization like Wilderness on Wheels, CannaVenture can continue to help make hikes, campouts, and outdoor adventures accessible to everyone.

In our years working with Wilderness on Wheels, CannaVenture has hosted volunteer days for the organization and has been able to raise more than $5,000 for their efforts thanks to the generous support of our attendees and sponsors. Our goal for 2022 is to raise $2000 for Wilderness on wheels and every little bit helps get us to our goal.

Why We Give Back

Our founder chose Wilderness on Wheels as our philanthropy partner for a variety of reasons, including personal experience with accessibility in the outdoors. Owens’ grandfather suffered a stroke and was unable to walk without assistance for the remainder of his life. The family often rallied, making sure that accessibility wasn’t an issue, and taking him more places than most would be able to in a wheelchair, but hiking was not one of them. Wilderness on Wheels allows families and friends to all make it to the top of the mountain and get outside, experiencing the beautiful benefits of time spent in nature.

Cannabis has given many their lives back. Whether it helped cure an incurable diagnosis or simply makes the aches and pains of physical exercise bearable, cannabis has made nature more accessible for a wide variety of people. Similarly, Wilderness on Wheels has spent more than 35 years making natural adventures accessible to more people. The benefits of nature are universal, and the more people who are able to experience those benefits the better, be it through plant medicine or the efforts of people like the team at Wilderness on Wheels.

How We Give Back

Each year, CannaVenture hosts a volunteer day where we encourage members of the hiking, camping, and cannabis communities to come spend a day in Grant at the Wilderness on Wheels property, helping out on the property with various tasks from setting up for season, raking gravel, cleaning out sites for upgrades, and general maintenance of the property. Additionally, we raise money for Wilderness on Wheels at our events through raffles and incentivized games such as “Ace Pots” at our disc golf tournaments and donations from potluck meals.

How You Can Help:

We’re looking to raise $2,000 for WOW in 2022 and we’d love your help. Please contact us to learn more about opportunities for contributing including:

  • Showing up with friends at our next volunteer day.

  • Donating items to our event raffles.

  • Buying raffle tickets at our events.

  • Contributing monetarily to our efforts.

Together, we can make nature accessible to all.