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  • CannaVenture® #11: Mount Sanitas & Sanitas Valley – The Recap

    Our second event of the year was a huge success in spite of the rainy weather! The plan was to hike the entire Mountains Sanitas & Mount Sanitas Valley Trail Loop, around 3-4 miles in total (Depending on how many excursions you take). While many [...]

  • cannaventure-tips-for-hiking-in-the-rain

    GUIDE: 17 Tips & Tricks for Hiking in the Rain

    With the right preparation, hiking in the rain can be a great chance to explore your favorite trails in a new light, and with a whole lot less people to crowd your experience. Rain deters the casual walker and hiker, but for the properly prepared, [...]

  • INTERVIEW: What Being a Backcountry Pro Looks Like in Practice

    What if you could hike for a living? What if “going to work” meant throwing on a fully-loaded backpack and heading into the woods for a weekend? For entrepreneurial types like Laura Loewy, that’s exactly what her profession looks like. She’s the Founder and Owner [...]

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