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CannaVenture® hosts hikes, campouts, sporting tournaments and music festivals for outdoor enthusiasts.

CannaVenture® is an event planning service focused on low-cost, outdoor cannabis adventures. We host hikes, campouts, sporting tournaments and music festivals, as well as work with local nonprofits and organizations like NORML to coordinate social events that embrace the best aspects of the outdoors, the community, and cannabis. Through regular events that encourage active, outdoor enjoyment and welcome people of all persuasions and backgrounds, the CannaVenture helps to overcome the challenges that cannabis consumers face due to preexisting stereotypes. The CannaVenture embraces the philosophy that you have the right to hike high, camp high, and be high, and you can do so in a responsible, social environment.

The CannaVenture® has roots in Broomfield, CO. Its following of supporters and attendees, The CannaVentureCrew, are a community of active individuals who have come together over a love of exploration and cannabis. This organization is for individuals of legal age who reside in states that have legalized cannabis either for medicinal or recreational use.

We help you meet new people with similar interests through regular hikes, gatherings, campouts and more. We can give you a social life, a whole new group of friends, or just some company along one of the many natural excursions that Colorado, and the rest of the country, have to offer. We have something for everyone!


Our crew loves to hike. From the Spring through the Fall, join us on a variety of hikes around Colorado. Choose one of our upcoming hikes from the gallery below.

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“One of the best weekends ever [at] #NORMLSummerCamp ♡ I am feeling so grateful for @cannaventure and @denvernorml and our sponsors and the love they give to the #cannabiscommunity.”

Jordan Person, Denver NORML

“…a magical place where time slows down, nature permeates the soul, and people remove the filter that so often prevents connection…[a] space for people to come, have the freedom to be themselves, freedom to smoke, and freedom to be in nature.”

Athena Ray Sweeten, Ahimsa Yoga

“Camp with @cannaventure and @denvernorml was a blast! Yoga, hikes and endless #munchies filled the days and campfires with medicated S’mores and philosophical conversations made the evenings complete. . . I love  being able to do my own thing, but still feeling completely welcome when showing up to group activities…It was a camping trip for the books… one of the best I’ve ever been to!

Maggie Jay, TravelAndCannabis.com


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