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Still not sure what’s going on? Check out these frequently asked questions or then send us a message.

The CannaVenture® is an experience-driven group for like-minded Colorado enthusiasts. We curate all that Colorado has to offer into individual events across the state. Each event presents unique opportunities to explore the natural beauty of Colorado, interact with Colorado influencers, all while socializing and networking with members of a variety of industries and demographics.

Colorado has a lot to offer. And you can experience it all on your own if you know where to go. But for those that want a bit more guidance, the CannaVenture® offers a regular outing where people can come together over shared interests in hiking, fitness, outdoors, nature, camping, and cannabis and enjoy all that Colorado has to offer with little planning on the individual’s part. We make it easy to get a little bit of everything that Colorado has to offer, in an outdoor, cannabis-friendly setting.

The CannaVenture® offers a unique experience that is not offered anywhere else. The majority of our industry events are both specific to the cannabis industry and focused solely on large get-togethers where attendees can consume together in excess. While these events have their place, an alternative environment such as the CannaVenture®, outside of the constraints of urban areas and offering a greater appreciation for other aspects that our state offers, has found a niche audience that only continues to grow.

We recognize that, if attendees what to consume cannabis in this state, they can. And if they want to go on a hike, they can. But what they cannot do alone, is curate an experience that offers a selection of unique cannabis entertainment combined with Colorado’s natural beauty. This is where our partnering sponsors make a big impact. By branding an event with your image and your knowledge, you take this experience to the next level. Unlike larger gatherings, CannaVenture® outings focus on a more intimate group setting, no larger than 150 people, which allows for a more personal and interactive experience between your brand as thought leaders and our attendees. Our attendees and sponsors leave CannaVentures on a first name basis, often with a much greater, accurate understanding of our sponsors’ offerings.

The CannaVenture hosts events across Colorado. We plan the event from top to bottom, including location, activities, leaders and influencers that will be in attendance, specific sights worth seeing, as well as the coordination of all logistics and marketing of the event and our partners’ involvement.

By law, the only entities that can vend cannabis products are those with proper licensing as determined by the State of Colorado. Neither CannaVenture® nor its affiliates sell, vend, or provide cannabis to attendees. Any and all transactions made with the CannaVenture are for event access and upgrades and do not include any cannabis, cannabis-derivatives, or any products containing the aforementioned.

CannaVentures take place on both private and public lands. As such, accommodations will be made for consumption areas whenever possible, but we default to the following rule unless otherwise specified: cannabis consumption will be allowed on private lands (including consumption vehicles, “dab buses,” etc.) and prohibited on public lands. This is in accordance with Colorado state law. Consume at your own risk on public lands.