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Project Description

Over the past few seasons, we have benefitted from the support of attendees, businesses and the community who have helped allow us to host our events throughout the state. This year, in an effort to give back, we’re working with Wilderness on Wheels to collect donations throughout the 2019 season as well as host a Volunteer Day on June 22nd at their gorgeous property in Grant, CO.

Since we started hosting hikes and campouts in Colorado, I’ve driven by Wilderness on Wheels countless times, usually on the way to and from events. I’ve always loved the idea of creating an outdoor retreat that was accessible to all, whether they were in a wheelchair, walked with a cane, or needed assistance along the trail. The team at Wilderness on Wheels has done an incredible job of offering such a place, and we are fortunate enough to be able to help them in their mission.

Situated just off of US Hwy 285, Wilderness on Wheels provides access to nature for people of all abilities and makes Colorado’s great outdoors accessible to everyone. Nestled at the base of Kenosha Pass, Wilderness on Wheels offers a one-mile long, eight foot wide boardwalk that rises to 9,200 feet, fishing pond, 13 campsites, 5 huts and 2 cabins – all wheelchair accessible.

As someone who has personally had family members who required wheelchair access to enjoy outdoor activities, I’m pleased to be working with an organization whose mission is to allow for greater access for all. In the same way that cannabis has helped heal many, as have the great outdoors and the beauty, wonder and serenity that they offer.

Who: CannaVenture® x Wilderness on Wheels
What: CannaVenture Volunteer Day
When: 10am – June 22, 2019
Where: Wilderness on Wheels – 145954 US Hwy 285, Grant, Colorado 80448
Why: To make the joy that CannaVenture members experience in the great outdoors more accessible to everyone

Consider how hiking, camping and events like those hosted CannaVenture make you feel and the memories that they have allowed you to make, and then consider this: more than 11 million people in the United States alone require some form of assistance in getting around and most of these people don’t have the ability to experience the same adventures. By volunteering your time this Saturday in June, you’re helping make a difference for countless individuals who will get to share in the joy you experience in the great outdoors.

It is my sincere hope that you join us in June to volunteer on the property and help get it in top shape for the Summer. Even if you can’t make it to our volunteer day, consider reaching out to them or similar organizations in your area and asking how you can give back.


P.S. We will also be collecting donations for Wilderness on Wheels at all of our upcoming 2019 events. If you have spare change or a few loose dollars in your pocket, we’d greatly appreciate your donation to their efforts.

For more information on Wilderness on Wheels, please visit their website:

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