Official Discs-n-Dabs® Rules

/Official Discs-n-Dabs® Rules
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Setting Up:
You’ll need:
  1. Disc Golf Course with at least 9 Baskets (ideally 18). You will likely want to play Discs-n-Dabs™ on private courses as public consumption remains illegal in most places.
  2. Three people per team.
  3. 1-2 grams of cannabis concentrate per round of 18 baskets.
    1. Alternatively, you may come prepared with 18 joints/blunts, smoking one whole joint or blunt per basket if you prefer to consume cannabis flower instead of concentrates.
  4. Dabber for doing the dabs
  5. A Rig/Vape Pen/Hot Knife/Method of Vaporizing Concentrates
  6. Discs: You will likely want three discs—a putter, mid-range and driver—for the tournament. Each course presents unique challenges and having the flexibility to adjust your throw will make a big difference, especially on the back nine when the whole team has already had a few dabs.
  7. Water: You’ll want to bring a bottle of water or a camelback with you as cottonmouth can be a real round killer.
Tournament Play Rules:
  1. One dab must be taken per team per basket.
  2. You may not throw until you have taken your dab (your team members can throw while you dab).
  3. A minimum of two rounds of 18 baskets are played in tournament style with an optional third/glow round.
  4. All throws count. As this is triples play, all throws are marked cumulatively, with the total score from all team members for all rounds being the final score.
  5. Lowest final score after 2+ rounds wins.
  6. This is a game based on honesty; honesty regarding your scores, regarding consumption, and regarding bonuses like CTP and Ace. Out of respect for the game, don’t cheat.
  1. Pro/Open: For stakes; usually includes a trophy, merchandise, bragging rights and cold hard cash.
  2. Am/Amateur: For fun; usually includes a trophy, merchandise, and bragging rights
  3. Women’s: Applicable if there are 2 or more teams of all women)
  • As with other tournaments and casual play, Closest To Pin will be indicated using the course marker and signing your name/moving the marker to your throw.
  • During tournament play, there are usually 2 CTP baskets but that is left up to the discretion of the tournament organizer.
Ace Pool
  • As with other tournaments and league play, Ace Pool is optional.
  • Buy-in is $5
  • If more than one ace is hit during tournament play, ace pool is split.
Bonus Basket
  • Course dependent, an optional Bonus Basket is available for improving your score.
  • If you make the bonus basket, you get to shave one throw off of your score.
  • In order to attempt the bonus basket, you must take a dab before throwing. Regardless of whose turn it is to dab, anyone who throws from the bonus must take a dab.
  • In order for the bonus to count, you must ace the bonus basket (typically <100’). This does not count towards the ace pool.
  • One bonus basket is available per round.
As of January 2019, the aforementioned procedures are to be considered the official rules for any authorized Discs-N-Dabs™ event or tournament. Course and event depending, these rules may be named “optional” in an effort to satisfy legal compliance efforts and promote responsible consumption (this avoids encouraging dabbing and driving). In the case that these rules are deemed optional, the event is transitioned into a Discs-n-Dabs Sanctioned Event, rather than a Discs-n-Dabs event.
Originally Published: May 2017
Revised: January 2019
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