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  • Discs-n-Dabs®: Mitten Edition 2021 – The Recap

    This past weekend was nothing short of incredible. A huge thank you to everyone who came out to Ponder Hills DGC and made our first Michigan Discs-n-Dabs® event a success.  Saturday morning kicked off bright and early, but with plenty of sunshine after a [...]

  • CannaVenture® CO – April Hike 2021 – Recap

    Yesterday, a crew of active cannabis consumers hit the Palmer Divide Ranch Trail in Larkspur, Colorado to kick off the sixth season of CannaVenture® and what a special outing it was! Our first attendee to arrive received a clone of Poon Tang Pie in addition [...]

  • CannaVenture® CO – October Hike & End of Season

    Today was the last hike of our fifth season, or at least that was our intention. Everything was looking to be in our favor: the air quality had improved drastically overnight, temperatures were predicted to be in the low 70s, and conditions were expected to [...]

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