CannaVenture™ #1: The Plan

/CannaVenture™ #1: The Plan

CannaVenture™ #1: The Plan

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Our first outing and the poll has decided Reynolds Park & North Fork. The plan is to meet in the parking lot at 10AM and hit Hummingbird Trail and then North Fork, or as far as the crew wants to go.

Things to bring:

Looking forward to seeing everyone! I’ve got a few surprises for the first few people who show up.

**Understand that while this event pertains to and endorses the lifestyles and use of cannabis, any cannabis or cannabis-derivative products and equipment that you bring is solely your responsibility and you aknowledge the risks that come with with hiking with glass, torches, cannabis, etc. and the possession thereof.**

Make sure to join the group page:

Much love,

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