CannaVenture™ #3: The Recap

/CannaVenture™ #3: The Recap

CannaVenture™ #3: The Recap

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Wow. Our third CannaVenture™ and we DOUBLED in attendance. You all are awesome.

We had at least 30 people and 5 dogs show up. At least. I lost count there were so many awesome people and pups there. Big shout out to Center Mass Media, Stoned Sweets and Chem James for keeping everyone high, healthy and full for our trek!

The day started with some BBQ and chips as people began to arrive around 12:30 PM at Lair o’ the Bear Park in Morrison, CO. We set up the charcoal grill and threw some burgers and hot dogs on for crew members as they arrived and set up for the pre-hike recreation. Each attendee received a gift bag loaded with goodies from Stoned Sweets and Chem James and there were plenty to go around, so a few lucky people even got extras!

CVC Recap
-30+ People
-5+ Dogs
-2 Trails
-Lots of High Spirits

Once the hike began, multiple dab stops were a must, including a half gram dab challenge that a bunch of our members took part in thanks to some fire “Sexy Time” dabs we had on hand. After that, we continued along until we stopped by Dunafon Castle, a site not on Lair o’ the Bear Property, but a cool castle nonetheless that has been revamped recently by its owner. Too cool.

After realizing we had passed the entrance to our next trail, we decided to trek back, with a few crew members taking their leave early, and the remaining few hitting an extra 2 miles on Bruin Bluff trail. After the pups (Sven mostly) decided to continue hiking while the rest of the crew took a smoke break, we corralled them all and took our leave back down the mountain.

As the day wrapped up, I can’t reiterate enough how exciting it is to be among such awesome, driven, and like-minded individuals as the crew has turned into. We have people from all walks of life that can join together, find a few new friends, and enjoy nature and nature’s bounty, and that’s an awesome thing to have.

More details on the next event will follow shortly, as will an RSVP list. But here are the basics:

The next Cannaventure will be a one-night campout somewhere in CO on the night of June 25th (Saturday).

The plan will be to arrive mid afternoon on Saturday to set up and have some food and fun before dinner, and then campfires and potentially a night hike for those who want to participate.

Sunday morning, June 26th, we’ll do a wake n’ bake with breakfast and then leisurely make our way towards checking out around noon.

Thank you for coming and see you next time!

If you know people or brands that might be interested in sponsoring or getting involved with the behind-the-scenes of a CannaVenture, please have them email me at

P.S. Don’t forget to join the Group and RSVP to the event on Facebook.

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