CannaVenture™ #5: The Recap

/CannaVenture™ #5: The Recap

CannaVenture™ #5: The Recap

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Our Edible Excursion was EXCELLENT! We were even joined by multiple non-smokers and non-consumers which offered a great chance to demonstrate the efficacy and responsibility surrounding edible consumption.

A huge thank you to Highly Edible Medibles, Big Bear Extracts and Stoned Sweets for sponsoring the event and providing samples for everyone to take home and review.

That’s right; instead of 60 seconds of teeth chewing and digesting edibles, we’ve got a little contest on our hands. There is a judging form that everyone in attendance was given access to. That form closes on Friday at Midnight to give everyone time to adequately evaluate their samples and provide some thoughtful feedback for our sponsors. We will announce the results for Taste, Texture, Efficacy and Overall.

The day started with a little bit of a late BBQ and chips as people began to arrive at Meyers Ranch Park. We set up the charcoal grill and threw some burgers and hot dogs on for crew members as they arrived and set up for the pre-hike recreation. Each attendee received a gift bag loaded with samples from each of our sponsors, and there were plenty to go around, and many lucky people even got extras!

CVC Recap
-20+ People
-5+ Dogs
-1 Trail
-Lots of Edible High’s all around

While the BBQ started off a bit rocky when the grills were on lockdown, we solved the problem with a personal stove that one of our awesome crew picked up on the way to the event. After grilling some burgers and brats and letting the dogs play, we packed up the picnic area, chowed down on some edibles, and hit the trail.

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Doing a nifty 3.9 miles, we circled through an easy, relatively flat trail that showcased some natural beauty that Colorado has to offer. After the hike, we reconvened at the picnic spot for a 4:20 sesh with those that remained.


Each attendee left with the following samples from our generous sponsors. Nine of our attendees judged the samples provided on a 1-5 scale and the results are as follows:

Highly Edible Medibles – Trail Blazer Bar

Seattle HTCC Winning Edible

Judges Ratings: 2nd Place for Taste, Texture
Taste: 3
Texture: 2.7
Potency: 2.4

Big Bear Extracts  – STONER LURES

Features a Solvent-Free, Rosin Gummy with orange and lemon terpenes.

Judges Ratings: 2nd Place for Potency
Taste: 2.8
Texture: 2.2
Potency: 2.9

Stoned Sweets – Key Lime Pomegranate Transformer

100MG THC & 25 MG CBD
Features 6 all-natural ingredients making a gluten-free and vegan-friendly gummy.

Judges Ratings: 1st Place for Taste, Texture Potency
Taste: 4.2
Texture: 3.8
Potency: 3.8

Thank you again to everyone who sponsored, attended, tried the samples, reviewed them, and showed mad love for what the CannaVenture™ is all about. I couldn’t do this without you all.


More details on the next event will follow shortly, as will an RSVP list. But here are the basics:

The next event will be ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||. No, that’s not a typo. The date will be announced when the edibles results come back. Unless you attended the event, then you got a little head’s up over everyone else.

The Plan will be announced in due time. Hint, hint: The next event will be RSVP-only.

The sponsor lists will open shortly, stay tuned for details. To request more information or discuss a sponsorship further, you can reach Cannabenoid directly at

P.S. Don’t forget to join the Group and RSVP to the event on Facebook.

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