CannaVenture™ #6: The Recap

/CannaVenture™ #6: The Recap

CannaVenture™ #6: The Recap

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It truly has been an incredible Summer with you all. From the humble start of our CannaVenture™ journey, to this last campout of the season, I cannot thank you all enough for sharing in this vision with me and coming together to enjoy all that Colorado has to offer.

As you can tell from our recap video, this weekend was an unreal experience with more fun than could fit in your average 60 second Instagram highlight reel. Huge shout out to iDabChicago for the photography and videography work that made the recap possible and documented our experiences while the rest of us forgot about our phones and cameras.

The campground opened at 31 Mile Ranch in Guffey, CO on Friday afternoon for our VIPs and once the gates were open people started rolling in. We kicked off the weekend with a big campfire and some dabs near the “Dabin Cabin,” as it became known. After a lantern-lit tour around the property, everyone came back around the fire for a bit longer while we got to see the entire sky lit up with the Milky Way and more stars than you could count.


Saturday morning came nice and early, with bright sunshine that helped cut through the damp, chill mountain air. The location announcement went out the General Admission attendees and people started arriving around midday. A few late VIPs joined us early Saturday morning as well.14128872_1088980861149758_1781614444_n

Once people got in and started setting up, they headed over to our Munchies Table outside the Dabin Cabin to check in and grab their upgrades, raffle tickets and munchies for the weekend. Each of the VIP bags were loaded with CBD Treats from Infinite CBD, Raffle Tickets for VIP and GA raffles, Stoned Sweets edibles, and some limited edition CannaVentureCrew gear. We gave away three entire concentrate rig setups sponsored by the crew at Glass on Demand.

14026801_1748721018703649_1547149351_nAfter the tents were set up, everyone joined in a welcome sesh, where we rolled a bunch of twax’d, kief’d, bubble-hash’d and the like joints and blunts and sparked up to bring the event into full swing. Following the welcome sesh, we were led in a relaxing yoga experience by Ahimsa Yoga that was made even more relaxing and anxiety-free with the help of some CBD capsules from Infinite CBD.

After Yoga, we cooked burgers and hot dogs on the fire and charcoal grills, and then settled in for a short CannaChat on the benefits of CBD and the terpenes that we consume with our cannabis and CBD regimens. Infinite CBD brought capsules and CBD Tincture that everyone and a few puppies got to try before we headed up on our Sunset Hike up the mountain.

A few attendees were brave enough to hike the summit of the biggest mountain in view earlier during the day, and they were a big help for some of the beginner hikers that wanted to get out and explore. Although it was cloudy earlier in the evening, by the time we reached the summit of our hike, we could see stars for miles and enjoyed a few bowls with the hiking group.

As we returned to the campfire scene, Infinite CBD lit up the sky and showed us our path back to the campsites. We all hung around for a campfire that lasted until the early hours of the morning before going to bed. The cooler temperatures and an exhausting first day of hikes meant we all passed on the Midnight Hike idea.

14033673_295917510766522_1993832625_nSunday morning came early and chilly, with light sprinkling showers. We were a bit worried how the day would turn out, but we lit a campfire and started up with a light breakfast of fruit and pop tarts. After everyone had sufficiently waked and baked, we headed down to our morning yoga session with Ahimsa Yoga, starting with some mindful meditations and finishing with an uplifting and invigorating routine to get us pumped for the day ahead.

As yoga came to a close, everyone pitched in to make sure that we left absolutely no trace of trash on the property. After a thorough sweep, we slowly made our way off of the ranch. It was hard to leave such a beautiful property, but we knew there was excitement ahead…. onwards to cliff diving!

About a third of the group decided to continue to the local hidden gem known as Paradise Cove. Known for its cliff-jumping opportunities, we found that the water was freezing, but many of the crew still jumped anyways! We hiked out a table, a rig, some blunts and dabs and enjoyed a last relaxing moment at the cliffs before heading back to Guffey for a crew dinner and then our goodbyes.

14031671_1083306658391343_1802299331_nI could not have asked for a better weekend with each and every one of you, and I can’t wait for so many more experiences together. As this was the last campout of the season, we will be winding things down, but be on the lookout for another hike or two before it gets REALLY cold. And there may be a few spontaneous events throughout the Winter. We’ll be active int the cannabis industry, sponsoring local events and constantly meeting new people, so feel free to reach out and let us know where you’ll be and how we can encourage our crew to join. We’ll be beginning our big season again starting in March of next year.

Until then, you can find us at Irie Movie Night on September 4th, as well as future events we’ve yet to announce our involvement in.

As always, stay thirsty for adventure and thank you all for making these last six events incredible.

Much love,


To request more information or discuss a sponsorship, you can reach Cannabenoid directly at

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P.P.S. Here are all of the pictures that I could find from our weekend. If you have more, please email them or tag us in the photo! I didn’t embed the IG posts, so comment below if you’d like me to caption your photo!

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