CannaVenture® Presents: BMFR8 – 'Freaker's Ball'

/CannaVenture® Presents: BMFR8 – 'Freaker's Ball'

CannaVenture® Presents: BMFR8 – 'Freaker's Ball'

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CannaVenture Proudly Presents:

The 8th Annual Black Mountain Family Reunion: Freaker’s Ball.

The weekend after Labor day (9/8-9/10) is going to be an elevated experience in the mountains. Three days of music with plenty of fun to go around. We are working hard to make this an awesome weekend.

What you need to know:

-All sales are final. This is a rain or shine event. No refunds will be issued.
-There is a maximum # of tickets. Once the max is hit, sales will close.
-There is a strict Leave No Trace Policy in Effect and we will spend our last hour on-site making sure we have gotten any trash or remnants.
-This is going to be an awesome weekend.
-There is no ATM on site.
-There will be designated, 21+ cannabis consumption and alcohol consumption areas.
-No illegal drugs, weapons, etc.
-There will be no cannabis sales on site.
-This is a BYOB event. No alcohol will be sold on site.
-Attendees are encouraged to exhibit their personal brands, businesses, art, creations and more and vending of legal goods is permitted.


12-1 Naked Ducky 
1-1:45 Emily Quayle
1:45-2:45 Josh Vogeler
2:45-3:45 Black Mtn Donnie Bee
3:45-5 Ian Hilmer
5-6:15 Phunky Bitch
6:15-7:30 Uncle Tuesday (Dagan Thomas)
7:30-9 The Holler!
9-10:30 Joe Johnson and the CO Wildfire
10:30-12:30 Liver Down the River
12:30-2 Low Side Demand

8-9 Half Pelican
9-10 Paul McFarland
10-11 Forest Moehle
11-12 Lissa Hanner
12-1 BabyWood HatBox
1-2 Pistols in Petticoats
2-2:30 wedding and family pic
2:30-4 tba
4-5:15 Stompin’ George Eldon
5:15-6:45 Split Window
6:45-8 Ryan Chrys and the Roughcuts
8-9:30 Dust Stompers
9:30-11 Northern Strangers
11-12:30 Rubedo
12:30-2 The Other Black

8:30-10 Magnificent Sanctuary Band
10-11:30 Bottlerocket Hurricane
11:30-1 Steepland Stringband
1-2:30 MLIMA
2:30-4 MiloHayes Meld

-436 Elk Lane, Guffey, CO
-An hourish West of Colorado Springs
-2 hours-ish SW of Denver


Parking/Getting there:
The location uses real roads (clearly established paved and dirt roads, no cow pasture trails) that don’t require a 4×4 or off-road vehicle and there is plenty of parking but carpooling saves gas and space!

Things to bring:
-Proper attire and bedding (this event takes place at 9000+ ft. above sea level. It will still be chilly at night).
-Food: Light snacks may be provided, but we advise bringing additional personal favorites if you’re a hungry eater. We will also have munchies available for purchase.
-Tent or RV
-Sleeping Bag
-Bug Spray/Sun Spray/Etc.
-Toilet Paper


We will continue to announce more information about the event, so check back often and make sure to follow us on Instagram and RSVP/Join the group below. Sponsorship opportunities are available at a range of involvement but are filling up quickly. Please email for more information.

**Understand that while this event pertains to and endorses the lifestyles and use of cannabis, any cannabis or cannabis-derivative products and equipment that you bring is solely your responsibility and you acknowledge the risks that come with camping with glass, torches, cannabis, etc. and the possession thereof. You will be asked to sign a liability waiver as part of your RSVP, given the risk associated with attending events in the wilderness.**


Family Pass: Entry for two adults and children for all three days of the event.

3-Day Pass: Entry for one adult for all three days of the event.

Single Day: Entry for one adult for one day of the event.

Ticket price includes musical performances, camping, restroom & shower access for all three days.

FB Event Page:
Make sure to join the group page:
Much love,


P.S. I’m sure I forgot something. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have specific questions. I’m so stoked to see you all again.

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