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  • CannaVenture® TN Halloween Hemp Hike 2019 – Recap

    Our final hike this year took place at Cedars Of Lebanon State Park. It was a grey and cloudy day, but the rain held off luckily and we made our trek through the Hidden Springs Trail, 5 mile loop. This is a place we will [...]

  • CannaVenture® October Hike 2019 – Recap

    We arrived for the final hike of our fourth season just after 5PM in anticipation of a few early arrivals. Crew members began showing up just after 530PM, and, by 615PM, we had nearly 20 people and a handful of dogs in attendance. Because of [...]

  • CannaVenture® Glassroots Hike 2019 – Recap

    Today's hike was a landmark event. We had the pleasure of helping to kick off the first Asheville Glassroots Art Show and hosted our first ever North Carolina CannaVenture with the phenomenal team at GlasseX. 25 People showed up to this kickoff hike at Catawba [...]

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