Discs-n-Dabs® 2021 – The Recap

/Discs-n-Dabs® 2021 – The Recap

Discs-n-Dabs® 2021 – The Recap

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A huge thank you to everyone who came out to our 5th Annual Discs-n-Dabs® Campout & Tournament. We had 32 teams in attendance representing nine states!

The weekend kicked off Friday at Noon with Check-in, but more than a third of the teams had shown up early to ensure they claimed their favorite spots on the property. Just outside of Golden, in Boulder County, our event took place on a small private course with a new layout featuring 22 baskets.

Golfers and spectators had Friday to set up their camps and throw practice rounds on the course before the tournament rounds kicked off Saturday morning. 

By 7:30AM Saturday morning, most campers were awake and preparing for the day. Meditation kicked off at 9:30AM with Brett Bohn to help golfers and attendees get in the right mental space, followed shortly thereafter by Cannabis Yoga with Heather Mitchell, helping golfers limber up for the day’s round.

After yoga and meditation, we held a brief players meeting, explaining the rules, how the ace pot and raffle worked, as well as helping to matchmake teams for their cards for the round. 

As the day progressed, attendees were serenaded with smooth sounds from Far Out Underground Rainbow starting at 2PM. Splendid Blend took the stage at 4:30PM and brought us some funky jams. Then, Broke Down Nuns capped the night off with some fan favorites and originals.

The evening wound down earlier than normal, with many campers tucking in to prepare for the second round. Others remained up for the night, vigilant, ensuring that safety of campers and sponsors was maintained. For those that stayed up, they were treated to a late night acoustic set from Ducky.

Sunday morning brought with it a few schedule changes, including bumping the second round up to earlier in the morning. Teams were incredibly understanding and appreciated the opportunity to hit the course earlier than planned.

After rounds completed, our awards ceremony took place just after 5PM. After a close match, our pro teams were awarded their prizes, and our amateur teams readied themselves for a “dab off”, sudden death tiebreaker. 

Before the tiebreaker went down, raffle winner were announced, and a huge thank you to everyone who bought raffle tickets and helped us raise $2,000 for Wilderness on Wheels. This money goes to helping more people access this incredible property and we could not be more grateful for the continued support of the disc golf and cannabis communities.

After awards wound down, almost everyone left the course, looking forward to next year, and a new course and more memories to be made.

Thank you to everyone: sponsors, volunteers, attendees, everyone. You all are the reason this event was a success. You all are the reason we continue to set the bar higher for Colorado disc golf. You all are the reason Discs-n-Dabs will continue for years to come.

Next year, we have plans to be in Oklahoma, Michigan, and Colorado. Stay tuned for announcements about invite information.

Until then, with much love and appreciation,




Discs-n-Dabs® 2021 Standings:

1. Grassroots/Akta (400)
2. Meeman Demons (410)
3. Steel City Shooters (415)

1. Lumberjacks (Tiebreaker – 429)
2. Solar Sky (Tiebreaker – 429)
3. Terp Tippin (440)

MOST HIGH (Highest Individual Round): Lauryn G. (109)










P.S. Dustin Doskocil was the photographer on site and he took some amazing shots! If you want high-res versions to print at home, you can order directly through his website. Here are the photos he took:

P.P.S. Here’s the photos that were sent in from attendees. If you have photos that you’d like us to share, please send them in!

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