CannaVenture™ #4: The Plan

/CannaVenture™ #4: The Plan

CannaVenture™ #4: The Plan

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So here’s the deal: Y’all Colorado Muthafuckas like to camp apparently, because finding a camping spot has been no easy task for the summer season. Which is why we’re switching it up a little bit to make things more interesting. The Campout’s Exact Location will remain a secret until the morning of. But I do have some details for you:

The Deets:
June 25th-26th, 2016

Meet up: 3 PM or whenever
Recommended Arrival: As soon as possible.
WHERE: Secret Location
Additional Notes:
-I will be heading out early that morning to ensure no issues, and then the location will be sent out to everyone via email and/or text. The sooner people are up there, the less chaos with cars and tents will be dealt with later on, but no food or plans aside from hanging out and setting up until the actual start time.
-The closest restrooms are a few miles down the paved road. This will be a “roughin’ it” event. Take your shits and plan accordingly (bring TP).
-I’m planning on heading out around noon on the 26th, but feel free to leave earlier or later.


The location is about 25-35 minutes from Golden, 50-60 minutes from Denver, 1hr and 15 min ish from Broomfield, Etc. If you would like a better estimate of how long it will take you to get there, message me directly and we can talk. No one will pry the location out of me prior to the event, but I’m always open to bribes if you’re up to trying.

Parking/Getting there:

You have three options for parking/coordinating getting there. Parking is VERY limited as most spots are single spot pull offs from a one-way-in, one-way-out dirt road about a mile prior to the campsite. These spots will most likely be taken by sponsors and/or the first 1-2 cars. Beyond that, you’ll have to choose from below:

First Option:

-Carpool. I cannot stress this enough. If you have made some friends and one of you has a 4×4 vehicle, throw that dude/lady some gas money and consolidate.

Second Option:

Park in one of the pull offs off the side of the paved road prior to the dirt road and hike the 0.9 miles (23 minute) up to the campsite with your gear.

Third Option:

Same as second option, but give us advance notice that you would rather not hike but instead would opt for a ride up from your spot if possible. We will work to arrange/coordinate who is coming up the mountain and try to accommodate this.

Again, if you have a special request, let me know, but there is very little wiggle room with parking. I will know more on the day of as well. IF YOU HAVE AN AWD or 4X4 VEHICLE AND HAVE EXTRA SEATS, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. My car has a few, but you gotta be willing to get up early as $&%@.


Dinner will be provided by Elev(ate) Infused Dinners and it will be medicated. Get excited to get stoned.

Breakfast on Sunday:

A light breakfast will be provided by The Flower Gerrls.


Munchies will be provided by Extracts Inc.


Waters will be provided by Urban Dispensary. There will be a decent amount of water bottles, but the event is overnight and if you are a heavy water drinker like myself, plan accordingly.

Other info:

The spaces are small. Based on what I saw today and the areas around, the cap at 40 people is a very hard cap. Unless y’all wanna get REAL cozy.

There are fire pits and it will be colder as we will be at a higher elevation. Bring some firewood if you would like.


Things to bring:

-Sleeping Bag
-Lunch if you plan to come up early Saturday
-Bug Spray/Sun Spray/Etc.
-Rigs, papers, grinders, etc.

As always, I’ve got a few surprises for the first few people who show up. Looking forward to seeing everyone!


Extracts Inc. – OFFICIAL MUNCHIES SPONSOR Extracts-Inc-Official-CannaVenture-Sponsor


-MORE TO BE ANNOUNCED, check back later this week!

We will continue to announce sponsors until the event, so check back often and make sure to follow us on Instagram and RSVP/Join the group below. Sponsorship opportunities are available at a range of involvement but are filling up quickly. Please email for more information.


**Understand that while this event pertains to and endorses the lifestyles and use of cannabis, any cannabis or cannabis-derivative products and equipment that you bring is solely your responsibility and you acknowledge the risks that come with with hiking with glass, torches, cannabis, etc. and the possession thereof. You will be asked to sign a liability waiver given the risk associated with attending events in the wilderness.**


RSVP HERE: (You must be in the group below to find the event)

Make sure to join the group page:


Much love,

P.S. I’m sure I forgot something. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have specific questions. I’m so stoked to see you all again.


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      Make sure to RSVP on the Campout form in the group! See you all there!

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