CannaVenture™ #6: The Plan

/CannaVenture™ #6: The Plan

CannaVenture™ #6: The Plan

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Let me tell you how awesome it is that we’ve come so far over these past few events that we are now hosting our last Campout of the Summer. The first one was awesome, and a much-needed escape into nature. This campout will hopefully be even better than the last!

We’ve locked down a private getaway on an historic property in Colorado, about an hour West of Colorado Springs or about 2 hours Southwest of Denver. This exclusive ranch includes mountain and lake access, as well as provides the opportunity for Moonlit Mountain Hikes, nearby Cliff Diving, and much more.


What you need to know:

-You have to fill out the RSVP form to attend the event. No exceptions.
-There is a maximum # of attendees. Once the max is hit, the list will close.
-The property owner has been gracious enough to allow us to use the land and recreate responsibly
-There is a strict Leave No Trace Policy in Effect and we will spend our last hour on-site making sure we have gotten any trash or remnants.
-There is a old school historic outhouse that is available, but you may also choose to use trees and bushes.
-There will be upgrade packages available. Attendance is free, but we do have some extras for those interested.
-We will have a limited number of gift bags for those in attendance.
-This is going to be an awesome weekend.
-There is no ATM on site.


3PM Begin arriving
4:20PM Welcome Sesh
6PM Dinner
7PM-9PM Sunset CannaChat led by Infinite CBD: We’ll be learning about various cannabinoids during our sunset hike.
9PM Free Time: (sesh, board games, card games, guitars, CTF, pick up football, whatever.)
11:30PM-1:30AM Midnight Moonlit Hike

WakeNBake Sesh/Breakfast at your leisure
9AM Morning Yoga led by Ahimsa Yoga
10AM Site Pack up and clean up
11AM Head out
12:30PM Optional Cliff Diving (30 minutes away)


-Will remain secret until day of event.
-An hourish West of Colorado Springs
-2 hours-ish SW of Denver


Upgrades & More (More To be Announced):

  • We will have munchies and drinks available for $1 each at the event.
  • Unlimited Munchies Package: $20
    • Gets you as many munchies as you want
  • VIP Package: $50
    • Unlimited Munchies
    • Early VIP Entry:
      • Notified of Location on Friday
      • Can Arrive on Friday night or Early Saturday
      • Preferred Campsite Selection
    • Two chairs provided
    • Guaranteed gift bag
    • Limited Edition CannaVentureCrew Merch
    • Personal Case of Water
    • Raffle Ticket for prizes

To sign up for an upgrade:
-Check the box on the RSVP form of the upgrade you want.
-You’ll receive a confirmation email before the event confirming your upgrades
-On the day of the event, you will check in and pay for any upgrades you have selected.
-You must pay for any elected upgrades or you will be denied admittance.

Parking/Getting there:
The location uses real roads that don’t require a 4×4 or off-road vehicle and there is plenty of parking but carpooling saves gas and space!

Things to bring:
-Food: Light meals will be provided, but we advise bringing additional personal favorites if you’re a hungry eater. We will also have munchies available for purchase.
-Yoga Mat/Beach Towels (If you plan to do Yoga, we strongly recommend a blanket, mat, towel or something to do it on)
-Sleeping Bag
-Lunch if you plan to come up early Saturday/Staying late for cliff diving on Sunday
-Bug Spray/Sun Spray/Etc.
-Rigs, papers, grinders, etc.


Ahimsa Yoga by Athena Sweeten – OFFICIAL YOGA SPONSOR
Infinite CBD – OFFICIAL CBD SPONSOR and CannaChat Speaker


We will continue to announce sponsors until the event, so check back often and make sure to follow us on Instagram and RSVP/Join the group below. Sponsorship opportunities are available at a range of involvement but are filling up quickly. Please email for more information.

**Understand that while this event pertains to and endorses the lifestyles and use of cannabis, any cannabis or cannabis-derivative products and equipment that you bring is solely your responsibility and you acknowledge the risks that come with camping with glass, torches, cannabis, etc. and the possession thereof. You will be asked to sign a liability waiver  as part of your RSVP, given the risk associated with attending events in the wilderness.**

Sorry….the guest list is now closed.

Make sure to join the group page:

Much love,

P.S. I’m sure I forgot something. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have specific questions. I’m so stoked to see you all again.

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