CannaVenture® Approved: Puffco Peak

/CannaVenture® Approved: Puffco Peak

CannaVenture® Approved: Puffco Peak

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As we have discussed before, one of the biggest challenges with outdoor cannabis use is portability and working within fire restrictions. Joints and blunts are ruled out when a fire ban is in place, making concentrates and vapes a great go to option for the trail. Vape cartridges are easy to store, easy to use and involve no combustion or ashes. Similarly, concentrate rigs vaporize cannabis, avoiding ashes or flames, but they usually require a torch to hear the nail. The are portable solutions that are battery powered that offer your he ability to use any rig you want without the need for a torch, but if you’re looking for an all-in-one travel and trail solution, consider the PuffCo Peak. We’ve been playing around with the Peak for a few weeks now and have put quite a few dabs through it and can say that the device has its perks.

Initially, I was skeptical of the Peak. It’s basically a glorified vape, complete with battery, replaceable atomizer and a glass mouthpiece. And, if you fall in the category of someone who already owns a rig, you can’t use the Peak with the rig (at least when it was released, a few mods have since been released to allow it to be used like a battery-powered nail). There’s also the aspect of it being an import device.

While it is unknown as to whether the stock glass attachment is made in the US or is also imported, there has been a lot of controversy within the glass community about investing in and supporting such a pricey import option, especially when many rigs are cheaper than the Peak. But the Peak isn’t just a rig, and it isn’t a vape, and, at the end of the day, it’s not targeted at your “Heady” consumer with a strong objection to buying something like this. If you’re the type that invests in domestic glass and cannot get behind the Peak because it’s “made in China”, then you’ll never get behind it, no matter what we say.

To PuffCo’s credit, they’ve done an incredible job recruiting “heady” glassblowers to the project, incorporating their designs and modifications, and even going so far as to host Art Shows that demonstrate what is possible with their platform. It’s truly created a new canvas for expansion.

The device itself is worth talking about as well. While the design is reminiscent of an apple product, complete with an all white aesthetic for the packaging, the device functions just as easily as well. A single button controls all of the functionality, from turning it on and off, switching heat modes, checking the battery status, and heating up your nail.

The charge lasts for plenty of time to get multiple days of dabs in, but you’ll need to charge the device every few days depending on how often you use it. While you’re charging it, soak your atomizer, dish and silicon cover in some isopropyl alcohol to avoid clogging and electronic issues. Just make sure they are completely dry when you put it all back together. Regular cleaning will help you enjoy your Peak for a longer time. They sell extra atomizers, and I’ve been told that you can blow through them if you don’t take care of your device. I bought a brand new extra atomizer when I got the device and I’ve yet to crack it open after multiple weeks of nonstop dabbing.


  • No Torch Required: Needless to say, it’s electronic and safe during a fire ban. You can also use it anywhere vaporizing is allowed.
  • Portable and Self Contained: Comes in a case that fits in almost any bag, unlike most pelicans.
  • Easy to use: If you can press a button, you can operate the Peak.
  • Makes Concentrates accessible to anyone
  • Single hand operation makes it easy for patients to use
  • Accessible to outsiders/non consumers: Lack of a torch removes the stigma associated with vaporizing substances with a blowtorch.


  • China/Import: It is an import device, there’s no way around it.
  • Stigma: There is a stigma associated with purchasing and supporting import electronics and smoking devices.
  • Glorified Vape: If you’re a true skeptic, it’s a glorified vape (as a former skeptic who has since converted, trying the device firsthand will likely change your mind).
  • Price Point: It is priced rather high for an entry level device, but no higher than the leading flower vaporizers on the market. If you want to invest in a device that will perform as advertised, keep in mind that you get what you pay for.

The bottom line: we have been really impressed with the Peak. It performs as advertised, and functions like a traditional rig, it’s most advantageous aspect. Whenever we travel, we typically need to buy a torch or find a place for actual smoke; with the Peak, travel consumption was easy and convenient. If you’re looking for a great gift for your favorite adventurous cannabis consumer, consider the PuffCo Peak CannaVenture-Approved.

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