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Discs-N-Dabs 2018: The Recap

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Even the most seasoned disc golfers were put to the test this past weekend at the second annual Discs-N-Dabs tournament. The 2018 tournament featured two divisions, a sold out crowd, and two nights of live music. Plus, attendees got to camp onsite and were required to take one dab per person per team (6 dabs each for every round of 18). In spite of a burn ban, we had one of the highest campouts yet, and everyone found a way to get elevated, and we even had a propane campfire jam session with the bands on Saturday night until the wee hours.

The first day, Friday, everyone began arriving around noon and immediately set up camp and hit one of two courses in Guffey, CO. Due to strict attendance and permitting, we had to have everyone checked in between noon and 2:00PM. When checking in, attendees signed waivers and had IDs verified against the invite list before being given a custom Hyzerbomb Discs-n-Dabs disc, this year’s t-shirts, event passes, scorecards and a rig and torch for every team. The shuttle arrive shortly after noon and began taking four teams at a time to SKOL Ranch, the newest course to be added to the Discs-n-Dabs event. This year, teams played two rounds of disc golf, on two separate courses in Park County.

With strong gusts of wind throughout the day, Round 1 for all teams on both courses was much more of a challenge than normal, especially for the teams who hadn’t accounted for how the dabs would affect their play. While about half of each course is in wooded areas, there are quite a few 400+ foot drives that go up and down expansive hills, making them perfect wind tunnels with just the right amount of breeze.

After Round 1, many of the teams took long dab naps. Some took advantage of the hospitality of the Black Mountain Soup Kitchen, which graciously provided snacks and meals throughout the weekend. As everyone woke up later in the evening, they were treated to the musical stylings of Farout of Brett Gretzky. Farout took the Planks and Rails stage for three hours and shared his original works, DJ classics, and plenty of intermittent stand up comedy with the crowd. As his set wrapped up, the crowds dispersed quicker than normal; After a day of dabs, discing and setting up, the crowds headed to bed relatively early in order to wake up for Saturday’s rounds, though a few stayed up late for night rounds of glow disc.

Saturday morning started bright and early with breakfast made at the Black Mountain Soup Kitchen and Morning Yoga hosted by Rachael Carlevale, Founder of Ganjasana. Many of the teams were still asleep until the very end of yoga, giving a few teams an advantage. After yoga, teams headed out to one of the two courses to finish out their second rounds of the tournament. With sunny weather and low winds, scores for Saturday were much better than Friday, and a few teams gained the upper hand over their competitors.

Saturday evening featured a BBQ for all attendees that included pork loin, burgers, steaks, and a melody of contributions from the camp, including Jen’s famous vegan chili. Campers were also treated to live music from Mountain Strange, Uncle Tuesday and Babywood Hatbox. Music ended just after 1030PM per county request, and light-up bocce began with a few teams heading up the mountains on the property to throw bocce and enjoy the moonlit mountain scene; when you get to the top, you can see full constellations from the top of the mountain better than you can in most metropolitan areas.

After the rounds completed and before the final music act, we announced a few raffle winners, including Tick (Chance) who not only won his way to the Discs-n-Dabs tournament, but also won the raffle rig and ended up on the winning team in the Fun Division. As bocce wound down, a few of the artists from the evening gathered around a portable propane fire pit, and created a little jam session that lasted into the wee hours of the night at one of the small group campsites on property.

Sunday morning brought with it some slow moving, dabbed-out disc golfers and reluctant campers who didn’t want to leave the little slice of heaven known as Black Mountain. Some cloudy weather kept people close to campsites until awards and the rest of the raffles were announced. After all was said and done, most of teams turned in scorecards, a few didn’t finish, and the rest must’ve been too high to remember. Fatty Girl$ (Tick’s team) won the Fun Division with a total score of 341 for the weekend. Apothecary Extracts took first place in the Normal (Pro) division with a near record-setting cumulative score of 320 for both rounds. Once awards were handed out, we gathered everyone that hadn’t left yet for the annual family photo.

After the awards ceremony, family photo and raffles and the final raffles, campers packed up and headed out. Due to some overcast skies, everyone skipped cliff diving this time around. Instead, those that stuck around ended up at The Bull Moose thanks to Amy driving everyone in the shuttle. The evening wound down with a screening of The Big Lebowski on the Planks & Rails stage. I ended up taking the scenic route home, heading through Cañon City and eventually finding myself on the side of the Arkansas River.

It’s a remarkable feeling to have been able to make this tournament possible for the second year in a row. I’ve always loved camping, and the ability to relax with like-minded people for a weekend in the mountains is always the perfect medicine for the ups and downs of our daily lives. It’s incredible that, for the first time, we sold out the event well in advance of the campout. I cannot begin to thank all of the attendees, sponsors, spectators, staff, volunteers, bands, and everyone in between who helped make Discs-N-Dabs 2018 a reality. I couldn’t tell you how many of you told me you wanted to be in on the list for next year before this year had even finished, and that’s truly incredible to hear.

If you loved Discs-n-Dabs (or if you missed out on getting an invite), join us at our next campout in July. We’re throwing our version of an adult summer camp that’s cannabis friendly. CannaVenture Presents: NORML Summer Camp 2018 will take place July 13-15 on a secret, private ranch in the middle of the mountains. Tickets have already bumped to Tier 2 pricing for Camp Fees, so make sure to snag those tickets before they’re all gone!

I cannot wait to share more experiences like these with you all in the near future. Be sure to follow us on Instagram, Like Us on Facebook, and sign up for our mailing list.

Thank you to everyone involved. Discs-N-Dabs 2019 will take place on Memorial Day Weekend 5/24/19-5/27/19. Our next hike is on June 16th in Evergreen, CO and we would love to see more of you there. Head on over to the event page for more information.

Happy CannaVenturing!

Much love,

To request more information or discuss a sponsorship, you can reach Cannabenoid directly at Ben@Creativebenefits.org.

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