CannaVenture® #16: Canyon Loop Trail – The Recap

/CannaVenture® #16: Canyon Loop Trail – The Recap

CannaVenture® #16: Canyon Loop Trail – The Recap

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For the fifth hike of the season, our crew ventured out to Betasso Preserve in Boulder to hike the first of two loops along the Betasso Preserve Trail. Attendees began arriving shortly before 4PM to find very limited parking in the main lot near the trailhead, and many carpooled from the overflow lot or walked in groups back up to the trailhead where we had set up our American flag pop-up and CannaVenture flag.

As attendees began to gather, people smoked joints, took dabs, and hit their vape pens while getting to know one another. Our sponsor, Primal Therapeutics, gave a short talk discussing the importance of self-care, which includes massages. Cannabis massages offer a unique array of benefits, and infused salves can help enhance a massage’s ability to soothe and relax your body.

A little after 4:30pm, the crew headed out for the trail. The early afternoon rain brought temperatures down to the low seventies which made for a pleasant and enjoyable experience as we began our hike along Canyon Loop with more than 25 hikers, including multiple out-of-state attendees, including a first-timer from British Columbia (Canada). When we reached the fork, the group decided to go clockwise around the loop which meant some steep uphill for our initial climb.

After a few hundred yards of climbing, the trail plateaus a bit and hikers naturally separated into groups. Jesse and I generally bookend the group to ensure no one gets too far ahead or too far behind. #NoCrewLeftBehind. Today, I was the caboose and got to chat with some hikers from Canada, Washington D.C. and Chicago. I love the diversity that our hikes attract and it’s always interesting to learn about professions, passions and generally how people come to find CannaVenture and attend an event.

Every so often, our relaxed group in the back would take a water break, have a safety meeting, or pause for pictures, a relaxing way to spend the hike and enjoy the beauty that Colorado affords us. I’m often in the front of the group, keeping up with the fast-paced hikers and breezing right by the sights and sounds of the outdoors. Getting to take a pause and appreciate my surroundings was a nice reminder of all that can be taken for granted in nature.

After three miles (ish), the group all convened for a family picture and one last big smoke before we returned to the trailhead. Before we left, I fired up the cigar I’d rolled for the crew (6.5g of premium cannabis flower and extracts wrapped in a Backwoods Russian Cream and capped with an Empire Papers Benny) which lasted almost until the end of the hike (just shy of 50 minutes!). When we returned to the trailhead, a few members had stuck around to learn about stretches and see if there might be a post-hike activity. Some of us decided to head to Cheba Hut, and the rest headed out to enjoy a Saturday night in the mile high.

Each event we throw offers a chance to get to know different people in different parts of the state. We have our regulars, but I’m always amazed at how many new faces come out to go hiking and camping with the CannaVenture Crew. It warms my heart and reminds me why we do what we do. If you’ve ever thought about coming out to a hike, we have only one more this year!

Our next hike is on September 23rd at Golden Gate Canyon State Park in Black Hawk, CO and we would love to see you there. Head on over to the event page for more information.

Happy CannaVenturing!

Much love,


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