CannaVenture® Approved: GreenStone Steel TravelMaster®

/CannaVenture® Approved: GreenStone Steel TravelMaster®

CannaVenture® Approved: GreenStone Steel TravelMaster®

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Bong smokers rejoice; this bong’s for you!

If you’re like many of us, you enjoy a nice rip out of a big bong from time to time. Bongs and water pipes are one of the more efficient methods of consuming cannabis (compared to pipes and joints/blunts), and pack a noticeably larger punch due to the volume of smoke inhaled in a single rip. But enjoying bongs on the trail, at the campsite, near lakes and pools, or on the disc golf course can be a challenge due to the danger of broken glass should things not go as planned. Luckily, there’s now a portable, indestructible solution for outdoor bong smokers in the form of the TravelMaster by GreenStone Steel.

The TravelMaster 2.0 is an 15” water pipe made entirely out of medical grade stainless steel that collapses down to just 8”, making it a great option for backpacking and daypacks that don’t have room for a large pelican case or protection for glass pipes. The device comes with a flower bowl and has an optional banger adapter for 14mm nails and is virtually indestructible.

Over the past few weeks, the CannaVenture Crew has put the TravelMaster through the wringer. We’ve brought it hiking, camping, out on the lake, to fireworks shows and outdoor events, as well as used it as the “car bong” in our daily travels. While the banger adapter works great for dabs, we used it with a quartz nail, which defeated the “indestructible purpose,” eventually switching to the flower bowl.

Naturally, we wondered whether or not the taste would be different compared to a glass bong. We can happily report that, as long as you keep your device clean, you won’t scarce taste for portability or durability with this device; hits taste just as good as any other water pipe.

Additionally, the device packs up easily when needed but holds together firmly when in use. Each unit comes with a hexagonal carrying case, and, when packed correctly, the device fits snugly inside with minimal rattles, another huge plus if you’re going to be carrying it in a pack all day.

Lastly, it is by far the easiest tube to clean that I have used; simply take it apart and throw it in the dishwasher. No bong cleaners, residue-covered hands, or sticky countertops.

GreenStone Steel approached us earlier this year with the idea of getting involved in CannaVenture’s fourth season due to the nature of their product and it’s natural fit in the great outdoors. They’re sponsoring our September hike this season and as part of their sponsorship, we will have a TravelMaster on hand to demo and allow participants to try it out this perfect adventure bong.


  • Portability
  • Sets up in 30 seconds or less
  • Comparable taste to glass
  • Option of flower or concentrates
  • Virtually indestructible
  • Allows for bong use in “no glass” situations like at the lake or on a trail.


  • Steel isn’t necessarily lightweight but it’s lighter than a glass option.
  • If you don’t properly rinse the device out, your case may smell like bongwater when you pack it up.

The bottom line: We were really impressed with the TravelMaster. It’s a great adventure rig, is made of medical grade materials, and makes bong use in the outdoors that much more accessible. While it isn’t necessarily the option for featherlight backpacking, it’ll do the trick for most outdoor adventures and won’t add much more weight to your pack than a camera or a drone. If you’re looking for a great travel bong or rig, or are searching for a gift for your favorite adventurous cannabis consumer, consider the TravelMaster CannaVenture-Approved.

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