CannaVenture® CO – July Hike 2020 – Recap

/CannaVenture® CO – July Hike 2020 – Recap

CannaVenture® CO – July Hike 2020 – Recap

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Today started off in an unexpected way, but the day turned itself around and we had a great hike in Golden for our July CannaVenture sponsored by bGood Dispensaries. We arrived just under an hour in advance of the hike to claim our spot and get parking before attendees started to arrive.

After claiming a small shaded space with the only picnic bench in site, hikers began to gather and chit chat amongst themselves before the opening of the hike. Once 15 people were in attendance, I gave our opening address discussing public consumption laws, encouraging people to participate as they felt safe with mask and social distancing requirements, as well as introducing our sponsors.



bGood dispensaries operate three storefronts in Colorado and are vertically integrated with their Lama brand of high end cultivation. They offer both medical and recreational options, and have been serving the market for more than a decade. Additionally, they also had a key team member and all around good person suddenly pass away this year, and he loved to hike. The entire crew took a moment of silence in his memory before we began the hike.

We kicked it off from the West Trailhead at Belcher Hill Rd, heading towards the bathrooms first, and then making our way along Longhorn trail, eventually finding ourselves on Rawhide Trail, or as we fondly nicknamed it “Richie’s Route”, as the loop in question was a favorite of one of the bGood team members.

Normally, we’d stop about a quarter of the way in for a small safety meeting, but this time, the crew powered through, not stopping until the 2-mile mark. We took a breather in the shade, enjoyed water and snacks, and imbibed as desired. Jordan, one of our staff members and a licensed nurse, ended up helping a biker who rand head first into someone in his group and was in need of medical assistance. A good reminder for the whole crew to not only have a small medical kit, but also someone who knows how to use it.

Our path down the mountain involved some bushwhacking through an older trail that was clearly not as popular. From there, we made it almost straight down the mountain and back onto the main Rawhide trail which we took back to the parking lot.

We had a great group of people, including quite a few first time CannaVenturers who had recently moved to Colorado, and it was great getting to know the team at bGood in the great outdoors.

Once we all reconvened at the trailhead, a few of us decided to head down the mountain to Wood’s Wood Fired Pizza in Golden for post-hike food and refreshments, as well as a healthy helping of ice water.

Our next hike takes place in August at Mount Galbraith with the team from Smokin’ Gun Apothecary. Make sure to check out the plan and RSVP!

Thanks again to all of those who attend and support these events.

Happy CannaVenturing!

Much love,

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