Discs-n-Dabs® 2020 – The Recap

/Discs-n-Dabs® 2020 – The Recap

Discs-n-Dabs® 2020 – The Recap

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Friday kicked off our fourth annual campout and tournament and we could not have been more excited to see everyone. This year has been a strange one, and we’ve all had to disgrace ourselves for months, avoiding the normal camaraderie and social events for extended periods. This year, we had to take extra steps to ensure the safety of everyone, including extra waivers, COVID protocols, and even temperature checks for every single person who stepped foot on the property. But, with these extra hurdles came the biggest benefit: confidence in and commitment to the safety of all attendees of CannaVenture and Discs-n-Dabs events.

With that said, check in started at noon and a few early risers were at the gate early, chomping at the bit to get in! As people set up camp, checked in, and browsed this year’s player packs, new and familiar faces alike began to fill the magical WonderVu Disc Golf Course. Friday is our relaxing check in day, so most people just got to socialize, hit up the Apothecary Extracts and Freenail dab bars, and even get a round or so in on the course, practice for the main event. Teams also had time to check out this year’s player packs, loaded with awesome swag and merch from East Coasters, Igadi, Dabbin’ Dan, Indico, Gateway and more!

Saturday morning brought with it yoga led by Athena of Ahimsa Yoga, our Tea Bar from Primal Healing, and our first round of the tournament. Many campers opted to stretch out and wake up with Yoga and Tea before our players’ meeting at 11AM. Rules were explained, scorecards handed out, and teams dispersed in shotgun format to begin their first round. We had teams from all over the country, including California, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Missouri, and Texas. Word’s gotten out about the best consumption tournament in Colorado, and we welcomed these new teams, many of whom brought new skills to the course as well.


By the end of the first round, our live music had begun with Far Out Underground Rainbow, followed shortly thereafter by Broke Down Nuns. These bands played some incredible sets, and, one music had ended, many teams were still awake and partying, even going so far as playing a few glow rounds before turning in. Our Wisconsin and Memphis teams were determined to give Colorado veterans a run for their money.

Sunday morning featured Yoga and Tea as well, though many teams were celebrating the night before and opted to sleep in before our second and final round of the tournament. Teams hit the course quickly once they were ready, many of whom hoping to watch the final showdown between the two top pro teams: Grassroots Colorado, the returning champions, and Mystic Rack, our Wisconsin challengers who held onto first place after the first round. It is truly impressive watching the skills that many of our attendees have.

As the rounds began to finish, DJ Donuts (Parris Fleming of The Motet) laid down a funky set for everyone to dab to while we tallied up the final scores and got prizes and raffles ready.

Our awards show kicked off just after 6PM, with prizes and recognition for the top three teams in each division, as well as cash prizes for the pros. Grassroots Colorado ended up with a come from behind victory in the pros, and Memphis Manes took first in the Amateur division. Both teams took home one of our famed Disc Golf Basket Trophy Rigs made by Malachi Glass.

Final Standings:

Rd 1
Rd 2
Grassroots CO
Mystic Rack
Meeman Demons
Memphis Manes
Run It DGC
Anhyzer Busch

(full standings on our instagram)

Then, it was time for the raffle. This year, we were thrilled to raise $2,000 for Wilderness on Wheels, our largest donation yet! We gave away a bunch of fun gear from sponsors including Tree Love Disc Golf, FOOP, Altitude Ranch, Capture All Photo Booth, Apothecary Extracts, PDGA Rodman, and even some generous contributions from attendees who threw in limited edition discs and swag.

Once the raffle wound down and awards were received and celebrated, Deliciosa graced our stage for the final performance of the weekend, playing funky jams and smooth sounds for attendees, many of whom set up their chairs in front of the stage to take in the lights and sounds of this jammy band.

Unfortunately, we did not do group campfires this year nor our Family photo as we worked hard to discourage large groups gathering in close proximity. As much as we would have loved to see everyone’s smiling faces around a bonfire, local fire bans and COVID protocols prevented that from happening, in addition to the mask rules preventing smiles from being seen in a photo. With that said, we had a blast with everyone, and Sunday night was a perfect cap to an incredible weekend with truly amazing people. Here’s some great shots of the teams:

Don’t forget! There was also a photo booth: https://boothpics.com/XZ2Y 

Monday morning came all too early for everyone. Teams packed up and cleaned camps before heading out, and we gradually took down everything from the event. Cleanup is always a bittersweet time knowing that the event is over but also feeling immensely full of love for each and every person who supports these events. We truly could not pull tournaments like Discs-n-Dabs off without the incredible support from the disc golf community, our volunteers, and our sponsors who work to make the experience magical for everyone.

From the bottom of my heart, I cannot thank you all enough. This year was strange, with different protocols and an entirely different weekend for the event, but the reception was profound, so much so that we may have a few surprises up our sleeve for next year, our fifth annual tournament. Speaking of, our 5th annual Discs-n-Dabs campout and tournament tournament will be announced in the coming months. More information will be released soon on presales and location.

Lastly, our next hike is our September hike in Golden, CO with the awesome folks at Nectar CBD. If you’ll be in the area, make sure to reach out and let us know if you intend to hike with us.

Stay tuned and stay high out there!

Much love,

Photo Credits (If I missed you, let me know and I’ll add you/your photos!): Ben Owens, Patrick Essy, © Doskophoto (Dustin Doskocil), Jordan Person, Sarah Pritchard, Tyler Kirkpatrick, Mike Oliveros, Dom Clark, Brent McDonald.

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