GUIDE: How To Dab in the Woods Without a Rig

/GUIDE: How To Dab in the Woods Without a Rig

GUIDE: How To Dab in the Woods Without a Rig

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It’s happened to every concentrate connoisseur for one reason or another: you end up at a location without a rig to use for all of the hash you brought. At your normal sesh or when you head over to a buddy’s, this isn’t the biggest issue in the world, but when you’ve backpacked to a campsite multiple miles from the trailhead with 50+ pounds on your back, only to realize that you now have no way to consume the hash you brought with you can be a major disappointment.

I’ve had it happen both ways: I’ve forgotten the rig, and I’ve had rigs break. When you’re camping, glass and quartz aren’t the most durable materials. (This is why silicon bongs/rigs/pipes exist, though I prefer to avoid them whenever possible.)

For instance, I went backpacking this past weekend and purposefully brought along a small, relatively inexpensive, all-in-one quartz beaker to dab on a bunch of flavors without worrying about one of my nicer pieces getting knocked off a cliff or smashed in my bag. This is a great option if you collect glass or are looking for something inexpensive to enjoy your favorite extracts on the trail; less cost, less hassle, less worry if it breaks….which it did.

You see, dogs and glass don’t mix well. And no matter how many utensils and camp items I piled around this makeshift dab table, the lovable pup decided to attempt to jump the setup like a horse would attempt to jump over a wooden fence and managed to kick the tiny rig (no taller than five inches) off of the table and onto the ground, rendering it broken and useless.

In my case, the rig had a fixed nail, which meant it was no longer usable. If you’ve got a rig with a detachable nail, you can “nike dab challenge” that shit and still enjoy your favorite flavors. If, like me, this is not the case, you can always McGyver something, and the best basic concept for building your contraption is to mimic knife dabs.

For those that have never done a knife dab, it’s an old school technique for freebasing your concentrates before dab rigs and concentrate accessories were a thing. You used to heat up a few butter knives on your stove, take a paper clip and put a small amount of hash on it, and, when the knives turned red, you pulled them out, put the dab in between them and used something to inhale the smoke. Rudimentry at best, but the concept is replicable.

So here’s what we did:
  1. The broken rig had a quartz carb cap with a dabber attached to it, allowing it to be flipped over and inserted into a surface. So, step one: find a surface that can retain heat and be used to dab off of without having to hold the hot part in your hands.
  2. Second step is to find something to trap the vapors/smoke with. We’d brought a small water bottle with us, and removed the bottom and lid to use as a chamber for the contraption.
  3. Using a stump with the upside-down carb cap, the small water bottle, heat the carb cap (or other hot surface) as you would a normal nail. Pay attention to what material your surface is. Stones and metals absorb heat differently than glass, which can shatter if heated excessively.
  4. Take your dab, place the dab (usually smaller for a makeshift rig) into/onto the surface, and immediately cover with the waterbottle or chamber, making sure not to touch the hot surface to the chamber.
  5. Inhale repetitively and excessively; since your contraption has no restriction or filtration, and no direct path from vaporization to inhalation, you’ll have to inhale a bit harder to make sure all those vapors don’t wander off into the surrounding air.


That’s it. Really, that’s all it takes. You could even use a medtainer (childproof containers that cannabis is sold in) or a toilet paper roll or a hollowed out flashlight body from something like a Mag Light. The point is that your chamber holds your smoke, allowing you to inhale, and that it is positioned over the hot surface that you are placing your dab onto. Trust me when I tell you that, after years of burning my hands on the stones surrounding a lit campfire, you could probably find a way to dab torch-free by only using a campfire stone and a makeshift chamber.

What’s your trick for consuming concentrates when a rig is no longer an option? What have you McGyver’d? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

Looking for more tips? Stay tuned as we release more guides and tricks for having the best Cannaventure’s of your own.

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