Trip Log: Calico Basin Trail – NV – February 2018

/Trip Log: Calico Basin Trail – NV – February 2018

Trip Log: Calico Basin Trail – NV – February 2018

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Well, I can’t say I’ve ever hiked in Vegas, so when the opportunity arose to hit up Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, I was more than interested. The catch: Being up and ready to hike by 7am in Las Vegas is no easy task when liquor, casinos and distractions are all within reach, 24 hours a day.

In spite of these distractions, I managed to pass out before midnight, and woke just in time to throw on some gear and head down to catch my ride to the trail. I didn’t even have time to roll up a backwoods. Tsk Tsk.

25 or so minutes later, we pull off the road into a tiny parking lot with no other cars. Welcome to the desert. As I mentioned, I didn’t have time to roll up before leaving, and Jason was nice enough to let me use the trunk of his car as a rolling table, hastily throwing a woods in the pack before heading towards the trailhead.

We started up the Calico Basin Walking Path, and ended up forging our own path about half a mile into the trek. You see, even from the parking lot, there’s this beautiful contrast that can be seen between the stark red rocks and the brilliant blues that cut through canyon crevices. We set our sites on a peak (of sorts) about halfway through the canyon.

Before we got too far in, I managed to launch the drone for some truly incredible aerial shots of beautiful natural red rock formations, contrasted against the plain yellows and tans of the otherwise flat southwest. Two batteries and a little bit of parkour action later, we’d reached the top.

Jason and I took the views in and seized the opportunity to throw one more battery into the drone and check out the remaining trek through the canyon that we weren’t able to actually hike ourselves. I also took the opportunity for a scenic personal blunt sesh, while chatting with Jason about some business opportunities. Ya know, your casual brainstorm blunt sesh in the middle of a canyon.

Needless to say, the cold trek into the mountain at 7AM was well worth it once we’d reached the top and were able to take in the breathtaking landscape that is often unexplored by Vegas tourists.

I’d highly recommend exploring the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation area. I’ll be back in the area in March, and if you’ll be at ASD, reach out and let’s go on a hike. Or if you want to go on one of your own, definitely make a point of looking into this trail!

Best Part: First hike in Las Vegas. One of the best ways to start your day is a blunt to the face in the middle of the mountains.
Worst Part: Windy, cold and early, and lack of a larger group to partake. 
Trail: Calico Basin Walking Path
Distance from Las Vegas Strip: 25-30 minutes
Hiking time: 2-2.5 Hours pending stops (unless you go further into the mountain)
Time of hike: Third week of February 2018


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