Trip Log: Canyon Loop Trail – CO – February 2018

/Trip Log: Canyon Loop Trail – CO – February 2018

Trip Log: Canyon Loop Trail – CO – February 2018

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The first weekend of February brought with it some unseasonably warm weather which made for the perfect opportunity for a Cannaventure. We chose the Canyon Loop trail at the Betasso Preserve just outside of Boulder off of Canyon and Sugarloaf. The trail has an optional connector trail (3/4 miles) and an additional loop (The Benjamin Loop, 3.5 miles more) that we opted to avoid for the day as a cold front began to move in towards the end of the afternoon.

Outside of cell service and the college bustle of Boulder, the Betasso Preserve offers a mildly-trafficked trail option for getting outside without being too intense of a trek. With sunny skies and 55-60 degree weather, our small crew of three hit the trail with Sven leading the way. We went to the left, opting to start with an uphill trek in hopes that the trail would continue downhill eventually. Bikes are not allowed on the trails on Wednesdays and Saturdays, but if you were to bike the trail, you have to go to the right.

Within 10-20 minutes, we’d found a bench that overlooked the entire expanse of the valley, covered in trees and small remnants of snow. With a break in the tree cover and a clear line of sight for a few thousand yards, we were able to launch the drone briefly and get some awesome views of the entire preserve before the high winds made flights impossible.


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As we meandered through the loop, collecting stones for repurposing and tumbling, we saw quite a few people, but the park was by no means crowded. We took a little detour off-path to let Sven run free and allow us to find a quiet, hidden smoke spot. We were able to find a little rock gathering that worked perfectly as a blunt rolling table.

Cracking open a Re:Stash jar full of Chem 91 by Bonfire Cannabis and gutting a fresh Honey Bourbon Backwoods, we spent a while just taking in the sights and sounds of the forest. Throughout the trail, there are benches here and there, positioned for scenic views, but these were also highly-visible locations a few feet off the path, making them less than ideal for a casual Backwoods sesh.

The last half of the loop took a turn uphill and definitely upped the ante on our casual stroll, which had been mostly downhill for the first few miles. Aside from some muddy areas due to melting snow, and the consistent incline, the trail is easy to follow (marked by Blue Diamond trail markers) and was a great day hike that we were able to finish in just under two and a half hours, including blunt breaks.

As we made our way back to the trailhead, Sven found a few friendly puppies and a couple that were not interested in any other dogs. The ranger made a point of letting us know that violating the leash rules is grounds for $75 ticket if a ranger sees fit.

Best Part: Sunny, clear skies, temperatures around 60 degrees, and using iPhones as backwoods rolling trays for Backwoods.
Worst Part: Super windy made smoking and drone flights a challenge, park rangers with bad attitudes.
Trail: Canyon Loop Trail
Distance from Broomfield: 35-40 minutes
Hiking time: 2-2.5 Hours pending stops (unless you go the entire loop)
Time of hike: First weekend of February 2018


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