Trip Log: Lower Big Bluestem Trail to Mesa Trail – CO – January 2018

/Trip Log: Lower Big Bluestem Trail to Mesa Trail – CO – January 2018

Trip Log: Lower Big Bluestem Trail to Mesa Trail – CO – January 2018

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Like many residents of Colorado, I find It hard to believe it’s this nice in January, so a small crew of us went out to enjoy it. We met at the South Boulder Creek: Lower Big Bluestem trail to Mesa Trail. It’s located off Highway 93 just ten minutes south of Boulder. We started down the trail around 3:30pm which was a perfect time to go on this trail because it wasn’t windy out and its pretty wide open.


This is also a Doggo friendly trail, so our mascot Sven was of course part of the crew. I noticed there were areas with sharp rocks, so don’t do what i did and wear some thin-soled shoes on this one. It’s definitely an easy trail for all ages and experiences. A small section of trees at the beginning of the trail provided some shade but beyond that you have an uninterrupted view of the front range.


We took several breaks along our journey to absorb the nature around us and take pictures. Although we didn’t go for the whole 4.4 mile loop, I feel like a $5 dollar entry fee is worth the view. The fee is for non-Boulder residents, so if you are a resident, take advantage of this trail that I’ve been missing out on for almost four years.

One resolution this year is to not pass up opportunities to get out and explore new places. There wasn’t much traffic on this trail but I imagine the time of day and year had a little to do with that. We all soon learned that we were underdressed for the occasion. After the sun went down, we all would have loved a pair of gloves. Despite the cold, the view of the setting sun was gorgeous and I enjoyed every minute.



Best Part: Awesome open view, close to home.
Worst Part: $5 parking fee and being unprepared for the cold.
Trail: South Boulder Creek: Lower Big Bluestem Trail to Mesa Trail
Distance from Boulder: 10 minutes
Hiking time: 1.5-2 hours (pending stops & excursions; we also didn’t go the whole way)
Time of hike: First week of January 2018


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