Discs-n-Dabs®: Mitten Edition 2021 – The Recap

/Discs-n-Dabs®: Mitten Edition 2021 – The Recap

Discs-n-Dabs®: Mitten Edition 2021 – The Recap

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This past weekend was nothing short of incredible. A huge thank you to everyone who came out to Ponder Hills DGC and made our first Michigan Discs-n-Dabs® event a success.

Saturday morning kicked off bright and early, but with plenty of sunshine after a day of rain on Friday. Golfers began arriving early for the best parking and to get checked in and start their rounds. O’Brien BBQ was up early with us, slanging freshly-brewed coffee to golfers and spectators.

Check-in began promptly at 8AM. Attendees confirmed their invites with check-in staff and signed waivers before receiving their player packs, LOADED up with passes, scorecards, and limited edition event merchandise.

The players’ meeting started at 9AM and rules were discussed as well as certain course aspects (long and short tees, OB lines, etc.). At this time, raffle tickets and our ace pool went live as well.

Each year, CannaVenture supports Wilderness on Wheels, a nonprofit in Colorado that has been working for nearly 40 years to make nature accessible to all. The raffle proceeds from our disc golf events are donated to their efforts in addition to our annual volunteer day.

Once check-in was complete, players’ meeting finished, and coffee ingested, players hit the course to begin the first 18. This year’s tournament format used a First 18 that was played by all, followed by a Final 9 played by the top four teams in each division.

As the rounds completed, O’Brien’s BBQ was in full swing dishing out lunches of smoked pork, potato salad, coleslaw, and their infamous Mac’n’Cheese which sold out! Players came by and turned in scorecards, pressed their flower into rosin thanks to BG Sales, and grabbed raffle tickets for a variety of prizes donated by our generous sponsors while anxiously awaiting the announcement of which teams would play in the second round.

In addition to this being our first Michigan event, we also had our first Discs-n-Dabs tournament Ace by Big Mike with Tree Love Disc Club, a skip ace on Hole #16. Mike went home with the entire $300 ace pot.

Due to a tie, we had five PRO teams and four AM teams in the Final 9. Those that did not participate followed along to watch the division finals, both of which ended in tiebreakers for at least one place.


Discs-n-Dabs® Mitten Edition 2021 Standings:

1. Terp Doctors
2. Shady Stache Disc Golf (Sauce & Greene)
3. I Don’t Remember

1. Buds Bunny & Dabby Duck
2. Safety First
3. Flight Risk


First Place:

Second Place:

Third Place:

First place in pro received a custom-commissioned Chad G Discs-n-Dabs Rig Trophy, as well as $400 in cash (Shady State Disc Golf doubled the original prize of $200), and first place engraved trophy coasters made by Elevated Engravings. First place in AM didn’t get any cash, but received the same limited edition rigs and coasters.

Second place in both divisions received second place engraved trophy coasters made by Elevated Engravings.

Third place in both divisions received engraved coasters made by Elevated Engravings and Tree Love Disc Golf mini stash discs.

Final Standings (In descending order based on first round):

Congratulations to everyone who participated in this inaugural tournament. Not only did everyone have a blast, but we raised $700 for Wilderness on Wheels!

Thank you to sponsors, attendees, landowners, hosts, and everyone who made this event possible.

Thank you to David “Danger”/”Shady Stache” Schrag for co-hosting this event and everything you did to make our first Michigan tournament a success. Without you, this would not have been possible.

We look forward to welcoming you all to more Michigan events in the future.

Our next event is our June 12th hike in Colorado. If you’ll be in the area, make sure to RSVP and let us know if you intend to hike with us.

At the end of the month, we have our annual CannaVenture® Volunteer Day at Wilderness on Wheels on June 26th and we’d love for you to see the organization that your raffle donations went to in-person as well as offer a helping hand as they gear up to reopen for camping in July. Lastly, our 5th annual Discs-n-Dabs campout and tournament tournament will take place over Labor Day weekend 2021. If you didn’t get your invite, you can still sign up for the waitlist.

Thank you again and stay tuned for upcoming event announcements in multiple states!

Much love,

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P.P.S MORE PICTURES BELOW! Feel free to post or send us your photos if you’d like them to be included!

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