Trip Log: Flatirons Loop Trail – CO – January 2018

/Trip Log: Flatirons Loop Trail – CO – January 2018

Trip Log: Flatirons Loop Trail – CO – January 2018

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It’s that time of year where we all seem to pay extra attention to upping the ante on ourselves just a bit more. And why shouldn’t we?! This year, whatever you’re working on, start today, January 1st. There’s really no excuse and you’re starting with a blank slate. So, together with a small crew, we decided to get outdoors and make it happen. 

On that note, one of my resolutions this year was to hike at least twice a month, and to actively plan outdoor activities for Sven (my adorable 2-year-old Husky, in case you haven’t been following along). And what a better way to start than with a frosted winter hike through the Flatirons of Chautauqua Park in Boulder? While we waited for the entire crew to show up, we journeyed along the Bluebell Road as It borders private residential land, allowing for some nifty drone footage (see below). Smoking a bowl and enjoying some snowy time for Sven, eventually we made our way to Bluebell Shelter to enjoy the first blunt (a vanilla Backwoods stuffed with Gorilla Breath from Bonfire Cannabis Co.). Allison was also working on resolutions, completing some outdoor yoga while everyone amused themselves.

Athena, Veronica and Peter joined myself, Allison, Jesse and Clay at the shelter, and we continued along the Royal Arch Trail towards Flatirons Loop. Allison ran a little way ahead, and Sven managed to meet a few new friends on the trail. It was such a surreal experience to walk through the almost mist-like snow drifts as they fell slowly off of the pine trees around us.

When we had arrived at the trailhead, it was cloudy with a heavy fog that was just beginning to lift. As the hike continued, the sun would come out in full force, brightening the path, melting some snow, and affording us a beautiful chance to enjoy some of the last remnants of the snowy holidays.

As we made our way along Flatirons Loop back towards the parking lot, the trail got really icy, and there was no stopping Sven from his sled-dog tendencies. Making the descent through a few boulders, ice patches and loose snow, we managed to run into a couple of hikers who took a group shot for us, pup included!



We almost made it the entire trek without any icy incidents, and during the final few minutes of the trail, only one person managed to slip on the ice! Make sure you’ve got traction on your boots, or “snow chains” for your shoes if you’re headed up the mountains to see some natural winter beauty.

Until next time, enjoy this brief recap clip from our trip. If you’ve got a trip log you’d like to share, send us a message! We’d love to include trip logs from our entire community of cannaventurers.



Best Part: Kicking 2018 off right, with an outdoor hike, getting elevated in the mountains with a crew of friends, first Backwoods of 2018.
Worst Part: The cold start and icy trails made for a bit of a challenge when being pulled up and down the mountain by an eager husky.
Trail: Flatirons Loop Trail – Chautauqua Park
Distance from Broomfield: 15-20 minutes
Hiking time: 2.5-3 hours (pending stops & excursions)
Time of hike: First day of January 2018


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