Trip Log: Guanella Pass Trail – CO – October 2017

/Trip Log: Guanella Pass Trail – CO – October 2017

Trip Log: Guanella Pass Trail – CO – October 2017

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So, on Monday Oct 2nd, we took a trip up to Guanella Pass, just past the gorgeous little town of Georgetown. It took about an hour and 15 minutes to make it to where we wanted from Littleton. We knew it was going to be a cold day but didn’t really expect there to be a blizzard. On the way up there, it looked like it was raining styrofoam peanuts because the snowflakes were so huge! We didn’t let that stop us or slow us down. We got to the top of Guanella pass and there was snow everywhere and a lot of it too, well over a foot of snow in that area.

You could say we were a little unprepared but still ready for an adventure. We hiked a little ways in the snow and took a lot of amazing photos. We went all the way to the start of the Mt. Bierstadt Trailhead, but knew we couldn’t continue without proper attire and gear. We then went back to the vehicle and drove around to other spots we thought looked like good spots to get out and explore.


That was when we came upon the fog and the huge lake, literally breath taking scenery!! I couldn’t believe my eyes it looked just like a painting or a picture and it was all right in front of me. Right place right time, I think so. How lucky are we to live in this beautiful state!


After this time it started to get a little dark and a lot colder so we decided to head back and grab a beer at a local Georgetown brewery where they even allowed dogs in!


Best Part: The breathtaking scenery.
Worst Part: Not preparing enough for the snow/cold weather.
Trail: Guanella Pass Trail
Distance from Littleton: 1 hour 15 minutes
Hiking time: 3-4 hours (pending stops & excursions)
Time of hike: First week of October 2017




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