Trip Log: Royal Arch Trail – CO – September 2017

/Trip Log: Royal Arch Trail – CO – September 2017

Trip Log: Royal Arch Trail – CO – September 2017

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In search of a last minute hike near Denver or Boulder, we chose to hit the Royal Arch Trail to close out September. After a week of cool Autumnal weather and rainy skies, a forecasted 70 and sunny meant everyone else had the same idea. I’ve hiked Royal Arch a few times, and usually the hike thins out by the time you get to Royal Arch Trail (you start on Bluebell Mesa trail). As it was Saturday, and a weather reprieve, that was not the case today. We encountered plenty of groups of people, puppies, and solo hikers and runners along our journey.

When we got to Chautauqua Park in Boulder, the lot was already full with multiple car circling. Luckily, we found parking close by on a nearby street. We convened at the new trailhead and headed up. The park is undergoing a significant amount of revegetation efforts to bring the grass back, so nets and signs were scattered about indicating areas that were closed.

We headed up Bluebell Mesa Trail, reaching Royal Arch trail and eventually the Arch itself in just over an hour’s time. Here we snapped photos, drank celebratory beers and rested after a hike with quite a few steep inclines. With beers finished, we meandered a bit further down the path to smoke a couple backwoods that I’d rolled before the hike.

We decided to look for a more discrete location to rest, relax and dab responsibly, as families and onlookers were starting to become more frequent as the day progressed. Up a few hundred yards from Royal Arch was a footpath to a nearby rock cluster with a clear view of Boulder. We set up a rig and took some dabs while firing up another backwoods. Johnny and Jesse decided to climb up to the top of the rock face for some pictures and a bowl.

The hike back down was quick, and Sven and I ran part of the way. Going downhill is always tough on the shins, but we all made it eventually. After everyone made it back to the trailhead, we said our good-bye’s and I headed home to quickly throw on a suit and tie and head to the Legend of 420 World Premier in Denver.

Best Part: The views and finding a great spot to dab and chill away from the crowded main area.
Worst Part: Packing extra clothing and dressing for inclement weather and having it be hot, sunny and beautiful. #Overprepared
Trail: Royal Arch Trail – Chautauqua Park
Distance from Broomfield: 20 minutes
Hiking time: 3-4 hours (pending stops & excursions)
Time of hike: Last week of September 2017


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