Trip Log: Wellington Lake – CO – February 2018

/Trip Log: Wellington Lake – CO – February 2018

Trip Log: Wellington Lake – CO – February 2018

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Have you ever been in a dying need to just get away and go into the mountains, even when the weather is not bright, warm or sunny? I have, and I must say it is a very challenging, but very rewarding, and satisfying feeling that has to be discovered by oneself.

Not very many people are willing to go out into the mountains and hike, let alone camp when there is snow covering the ground, but I find it very peaceful, relaxing and enjoy the absolutely gorgeous scenery. I am writing about this because I just recently went back and did a day hike at the place where I went winter camping for the first time ever with my brother a few years back.

The spot is called Wellington Lake in Bailey CO. We met up at my place in Littleton, threw all the gear and goodies in the vehicle and hit the road (and a few bowls). The drive was about an hour and 15 minutes to the destination, we didn’t realize it was more money for the vehicle and per person than what the sign said; we told them their sign said it was cheaper but they hadn’t gotten the sign changed so they let us in for what the sign said (Little bit confusion at this point but we got it all sorted out).

We drove around the lake for a little bit stopping and taking pictures every once and awhile; we drove until we found a nice location to start our hiking trip on the snow covered mountain, got our boots and appropriate attire on, smoked a few bowls and dabs, put everything away and started up the snow covered trail.

It was a nice day out at first but we could tell it would get dark earlier than usual with the clouds rolling in, but that didn’t stop us from continuing on. We took a trailhead that lead to a waterfall, however, like I said previously, the trail was covered in snow, so we decided rather than follow the “trail” and potentially get lost, that going straight up towards the summit would be best idea for the situation. It was more difficult than usual as the snow was slippery which made us tired way faster which made us have to take several breaks in between. We stopped for lunch and some dabs and to enjoy the view of the lake halfway up the mountain; it was definitely a breath-taking view.

We took a few more pictures before my phone died, finished our lunch, took another dab, packed up and were on our way again. We didn’t get much further after deciding it was time to head back down the mountain and explore around the lake a bit. It was way faster coming down than it was going up. We got to the vehicle and drove closer to the lake. I took a few more photos after a few dabs in the warm car and letting my phone charge. The lake had frozen over and created a wave of ice on the lakes edge which was amazing to see. We stayed there for a little bit exploring but then decided it was time to pack up and start the trip back home to Littleton.

Best Part: Views and only people there, very peaceful and quiet.
Worst Part: The ridiculously expensive fee per vehicle and per person!
Trail: Bailey, CO (Wellington Lake)
Distance from Littleton: 60-75 minutes
Trip time: 3 Hours
Time of hike: Last day of February 2018


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