Trip Log: Elk Falls/Staunton Ranch Trail – CO – October 2017

/Trip Log: Elk Falls/Staunton Ranch Trail – CO – October 2017

Trip Log: Elk Falls/Staunton Ranch Trail – CO – October 2017

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With the promise of some unusual warm weather, we decided to pick a hike from the Fall Hiking guide and take an early morning hike out into the changing leaves of Autumn. We chose Elk Falls Trail, and, although we didn’t end up taking it all the way to Elk Falls, it was a beautiful hike through the Fall colors. And we weren’t the only ones with this idea.

After arriving to the park just after 9:30AM, the parking lot was mostly full and the trails were buzzing with families, puppies, and photographers. While we were convening in the parking lot, a group of people carrying chairs and props hiked by us and set up a fall portrait photoshoot.

After a few bathroom stops and water fill-ups, we hit the trail. The path begins on Staunton Ranch trail, which is what you stay on until you get to Elk Falls Trail. We didn’t make it all the way there, but Staunton Ranch Trail offers plenty of views and scenic photo opportunities for a Fall picture. We took the opportunity to get a few group shots and couples shots.

While the group took turns running with Sven, I preferred to hang back, snapping shots of the aspen and pine trees showcasing their seasonal contrasts. Eventually, we decided to find a place to take a relaxing break before turning around. Having just received my Fire Button for testing, I was excited to fire it up in the outdoors. I brought my Joel Halen x DBK Collab Pig Rig with me, and we set up and took a few dabs without the need for a torch, or fire, at all. After a short sesh, the nail packed up quickly and was cool to the touch almost instantly. Definitely a nice addition to the hiking arsenal.



Turning around, we leisurely headed back to the parking lots, enjoying a few last glimpses of the mountainous views and fall foliage. We picked the perfect time to hit the trail, arriving back to the parking lot around 12:15PM, just as large crowds began to pile into the park and onto the trails.

Best Part: Seeing the Aspens in full Fall color change and getting to test out the Fire Button on a hike.
Worst Part: Not getting to do the whole trail. Next time!
Trail: Elk Falls Trail – Staunton Ranch Park
Distance from Broomfield: 20 minutes
Hiking time: 3+ hours (pending stops & excursions)
Time of hike: First week of October 2017


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