3 Handy Tips for Safe Travels During Winter Weather

/3 Handy Tips for Safe Travels During Winter Weather

3 Handy Tips for Safe Travels During Winter Weather

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Winter is officially here and like a lot of people in Colorado, I’ll be heading into the mountains. It’s important to have your vehicle prepped and ready to go. Here are some tips that will help make your winter driving a safer and more enjoyable experience. If you’re not familiar with vehicle maintenance or repair don’t be afraid to ask your mechanic to check these things for you.


Check the brake pads on your vehicle for recommended thickness.
Most brake pads come with sensors built in. When the pad wears down the sensor becomes exposed. The sensor will make contact with the disc and emit that wonderful squealing sound letting everyone know it might be time for new pads.


Check all fluids, including the intervals they’ve been replaced.
Make sure your vehicle has everything it needs to perform at its best, even in inclement conditions.


Have a Winter Kit.
Something that has helped me in many situations is having a “winter kit” in the vehicle. My kit usually contains the following. Ice scraper, windshield washer fluid, first aid kit, blanket, boots and gloves, a couple of flares, tire gauge, jumper cables, small shovel, flashlight with extra batteries and an extra set of worm cloths. Most of these items have really saved me a lot of trouble and stress in the past.


Additionally, make sure to have a spare tire and check tire pressures and the tread on all of your tires, as well as ensuring that your defroster and heater are working. With a little luck and the right preparation, these tips should help you enjoy your winter and stay a little safer too!



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