CannaVenture® Approved: The Fire Button by Grav Labs

/CannaVenture® Approved: The Fire Button by Grav Labs

CannaVenture® Approved: The Fire Button by Grav Labs

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Some of you may not know this about me, but when it comes to getting packages in the mail, I couldn’t be more excited than a 10-year old on Christmas morning. So, when GRAV told me they’d ship me a Fire Button to test out on my CannaVentures, I was stoked to hear that it would arrive on Monday. Of course, FedEx had their own plans, and I ended up having to go get it from the city shipping center a few days later, but I digress (I’m a little high and I blame the Fire Button).

The Fire Button is the best portable enail option that I’ve tried that allows you to use your own rig, and I don’t say that lightly. The device heats up almost instantly, cools down relatively fast, and is extremely portable. It fits pieces with 10mm, 14mm, or 18mm female joints, basically making it universal for half of the pieces out there.

First off, it takes a little bit to charge, and it won’t arrive charged. Give it six hours (or take a few dabs and pass out for a dab nap) and try it once the charger light has changed from red to green. Once it’s charged, you should be good for up to four hours, or so I’m told. I’ve been using it all morning and haven’t had any issues with heat or power.

Secondly, if your rig has a 45-degree joint, be careful. I broke the joint on one of my rigs this morning as the nail made it just a tad more top heavy than normal. The nail, however, didn’t burn the table, break or cause any damage, which is much better than I can say for my normal enail/torched nails.

Third, from a usage standpoint, it takes some getting used to. The nail heats up instantly, which is great for cleaning off any residue, and it also cools down rapidly, which is great for travel. But this means you’re constantly going from 0-800 in terms of temperature in the span of 3 seconds each way. With practice, feathering the button and tempering your pressure on the button will allow you to take comfortable, great-tasting dabs.

Fourth, for a hiking option, it’s great. I purposefully wanted this device to try out when I was hiking and camping, because I’ve had issues with torches in the outdoors. Sometimes there’s fire bans, sometimes it’s excessively windy and you can’t gauge the temperature of your nail, and sometimes the torch just won’t light. The Fire Button solved this issue. I went out on Elk Falls Trail in Staunton State Park and brought his bad boy with me, and even after two full days of dabbing on it on a single charge, the Fire Button came through, delivering dab after dab along the hike without issue, fire or torch.

I’ll be bringing this out on hikes with me from now on, especially at elevations where torches seem to have an issue with oxygen availability and air pressure. For now, I’d definitely recommend this accessory to someone who dabs on the go, wants to use an actual rig that they already own, and is looking for an improvement over torches wherever your journeys may take you. You’re not going to get the perfect temperature every time, but the intention of the product is to be a portable solution to dabbing without a torch while out and about in the world, and it succeeds at that.

And if you’re joining the crew on a CannaVenture, ask me about it and try it out for yourself.

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