CannaVenture® CO – October Hike & End of Season

/CannaVenture® CO – October Hike & End of Season

CannaVenture® CO – October Hike & End of Season

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Today was the last hike of our fifth season, or at least that was our intention. Everything was looking to be in our favor: the air quality had improved drastically overnight, temperatures were predicted to be in the low 70s, and conditions were expected to be sunny and breezy. A perfect fall day for an end of season hike.

When I arrived, and as the first few attendees arrived, the weather was in the mid 60s. Not as warm as promised, but we were at elevation and it was still early in the day. We had high hopes as we enjoyed some homegrown and shared stories while catching up. Then the clouds rolled in just after 1PM as more attendees and our sponsor, Primal Therapeutics, arrived.

As everyone got prepped for the trail, a light mist which turned to sprinkles of rain began to fall as the temperature began to drop. Everyone in attendance had planned for very different weather conditions and decided that we would do a short jaunt up the trail, but beyond that, unless the weather turned around as quickly as it had previously, we would all probably call today’s hike a wash.

We headed up past the trailhead to the first picnic area we saw and lit a few joints as the rain picked up. We met a few newcomers as well. Eventually, even the joints got rained out, and as the temperatures dipped into the 40s and the rain picked up, we all decided that it was a valiant and oddly-fitting end to an odd year. By the time we were back in our cars, headed down the mountain, it had started to flurry and snow was trying desperately to join the party as temperatures hit 42.

Thinking back over the last five seasons, this is the first time we’ve had to cancel a hike in such a fashion. We’ve cancelled ahead of time due to regulations and COVID, and we’ve canceled mid hike due to things like lightening, but we’ve never arrived at the trailhead and experienced a 20+ degree temperature change and 180 in weather that necessitated calling the event off. What can I say, it’s been a weird year all around.

Thank you to everyone who attempted to attend today. Thank you to everyone who attended, supported, promoted, volunteered at, or sponsored an event this year amidst the weirds social climate any of us have ever seen. While the season did not look anything like I had intended, the events that were were able to hold were that much more meaningful. This year taught all of us (or retaught) the value of connection with one another and the relationships that we have in life, as well as the priorities that we keep and whether those are in line with one another.

Wow. 5 seasons. From an idea that started as a way to meet fellow outdoor cannabis enthusiasts occasionally and blossomed into five years of community and CannaVenture. I cannot thank everyone enough. Without you all, none of this would have been possible.

Until we see each other again, happy CannaVenturing!

Much love,

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