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CannaVenture® Approved: Home Blown Glass

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If you’ve ever taken cannabis into the woods with you–which if you’re reading this website, I’ll assume you have–you’ve likely encountered the hassle involved in bringing glass smoking devices with you on your adventures. Similarly, you may also have been frustrated by being confined to joints, blunts, and disposable, rolled-up options. Luckily, Home Blown Glass came out with a solution, or two solutions I should say: The Slider, and The Road Runner.

Whether your consumption method of choice involved raw, whole plant cannabis or whether you prefer to consume cannabis concentrates, Home Blown Glass has you covered on the trail, in a tent, in a hammock, in an airport, at the neighbor’s Christmas party, and pretty much anywhere else you can think of.

Let’s start with The Slider. To the untrained eye, it may appear to be simply another glass blunt in a sea of countless replicas and China ripoffs. Firstly, all Home Blown Glass products are made in the US and are made of borosilicate from reputable manufacturers. You won’t have to worry about cheap knockoffs that may have glass shards or lead coloring. Second, it IS a glass blunt, BUT BETTER. You see, most glass blunts have you smoke the whole thing and then reload from the front (the burning end). This causes a degradation of taste (you’re reloading into a resin-y, charred, ash-filled bowl that may or may not still have dry, burned ashes in the bottom of the chamber, which translates to a really shitty taste. But The Slider changes that by being a back-loading (loads via the mouthpiece, some would call this front-loading, but I digress) glass blunt.

This is important for a few reasons. Firstly, you’re never loading on top of old ash, which means you never have to sacrifice taste. As you smoke, the old ashes are pushed out, and you can reload from the backend where your fresh, unburned product remains. Secondly, because you never have to fully smoke the blunt in order to reload it, you can consistently smoke on this bad boy for DAYS ON DAYS before a cleaning is required.

My only complaint/caution with The Slider is that it can be challenging for indoor use as the constant asking of the combusted product may be messy on carpets and flooring. It is a great option for outdoor activities and can safely be put into a pocket or bag between sessions without issue.

Now, onto The Road Runner, your portable, pocket-sized dab-doer for the on-the-go concentrate enthusiast. Many of you may have heard of similar nectar straws and honey collectors that use a nearly unspillable water chamber. The Road Runner is different in a few regards. First, it’s all borosilicate glass. No quartz or glass-quartz hybrids. This ensures that there is no imperfection in the material that would cause it to shatter or lose form during use. Second, it’s a dry piece. Both varieties that we sampled didn’t need (or have) a water chamber, and there was no sacrifice in taste. Third, as long as you only heat the tip until it begins to turn red (and no more!), you’ll have great tasting dabs almost instantly. No wait time for cool down, and no sacrifice in taste.

What I really liked about the Road Runner’s that I used was the portability and, due to its borosilicate construction, I was able to use a lighter no bigger than a pocket cigar torch for dabs almost anywhere. My airport travel kit now includes a small Vector cigar torch (double flame, small butane chamber; small enough to be considered a cigar/cigarette lighter by TSA), the straight Road Runner (the multi-donut Traveler is a great option and smoother, but slightly bigger than comfortable for a pocket), and a GroovTube Mini.

My only hesitation with the Road Runner is that I am consistently worried about overheating it to the point of cracking the piece. It hasn’t happened yet, and I’ve been assured that proper heating technique will allow a long lifespan for the product, but it’s a caution to take nonetheless.

Bottomline: If you’re looking for an affordable glass option for traveling, hiking, camping or an upcoming family holiday, you won’t be disappointed with The Slider or The Road Runner.


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