CannaVenture® Approved: Terp Chiller

/CannaVenture® Approved: Terp Chiller

CannaVenture® Approved: Terp Chiller

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Let’s face it: when it comes to storage, hash and heat just don’t mix. Concentrates get hot, they melt and shift in their jars, and end up all over the lid, wasting precious terps. If you’re like us and enjoy a good adventure into the outdoors, keeping your concentrates cold is a constant struggle. Whether you’re headed out on a dayhike with your favorite rig and some fresh terps, or simply on the way home from the dispensary and have to leave your hash in the car during an errand, it’s a challenge to keep those concentrates fresh, especially solventless options that often grease up when exposed to heat.

Sure, you can use a cooler if you find the right size and can avoid having your terps fall into the icy water as the ice melts. If you’re simply driving home, a cooler might work great, but if you’re hiking up a mountain, carrying cooler is both inconvenient and excessive for a day’s worth of hash. Similarly, modified Pelican-style cases are great, durable options for storing hash and rigs, but aren’t insulated and offer little protection from the heat. Plus, the second you lift the case up by the handle, all of your sauce is going to tilt right into the lids of your jars.

Terp Chiller is the solution to these issues. It’s somewhat of a modified electronics case, designed to offer protection for your glass jars, insulation that keeps the heat out, and ice packs that keep the inside nice and comfortable for those precious terp options. The case has elastic straps that even hold your hash in place so it won’t jostle around in your pack while you’re hiking up the mountain.

Each case includes two ice packs, silicon mats and a small capped jar for bringing along your favorite nail or glass cleaner. The packs can hold 6-12 jars (depending on the size of your jar) in addition to your jar of alcohol, q-tips, timers, dabbers, tweezers and inserts. Additionally, the case locks, which is great for childproofing as well as protecting your stash from those good friends that like to “borrow” your hash.

One of the biggest perks about the Terp Chiller is the fact that it is TSA-safe. The ice packs that are included are 3.17 oz (less than the 3.4 max) and, having flown with them frozen, I can say that the case is indeed TSA approved (though you may want to hide your hash before putting it through the X-ray, obviously). This makes traveling with those precious sauce and solventless jars that much easier, as you don’t worry about the lack of refrigeration or exposure to excessive heat during your travels. As someone who flies around quite a bit while enjoying cannaventures in a variety of states, this is extremely helpful.

The bottom line: The Terp Chiller is great for day trips, traveling, hiking and short stints in the woods, especially if you have a cooler to throw it in once the ice begins to melt. For longer campouts, you’ll still need fresh ice or ice packs to keep your terps cold, as a single freeze will last you only about 6-8 hours. If you’re someone who enjoys taking great concentrates up the mountain or on your travels, the Terp Chiller is definitely a CannaVenture-approved gear upgrade that you’ll want for your pack. Plus, get 15% off your purchase by using our code GETOUTSIDE15 during checkout.

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