CannaVenture® June Hike 2019 – Recap

/CannaVenture® June Hike 2019 – Recap

CannaVenture® June Hike 2019 – Recap

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Today started out early. We arrived at Maggie’s Farm, our hike sponsor, in Manitou Springs just after 9am to shop for the hike. Javelina Extracts hosted a pop-up this morning beginning at 9AM with special sales for CannaVenture attendees. After grabbing what we needed, we headed up the mountain to Green Mountain Falls.

Due to the way the trailhead is laid out, there is no parking along the roads leading up to the trail. Our group knew to look for our green CannaVenture flag at the corner of Ute Pass and Hondo Ave, where we would then hike up Hondo Ave to the trailhead.



Around 12:45PM, people began arriving. We had nearly 25 people in attendance as well as a few dogs that accompanied us on our trek. The weather was not ideal, but while it dampened clothing, there was no dampening the spirits of this crew. After some introductory remarks, some parking lot smoke sessions, and a message from Maggie’s Farm, the crew headed out in three groups.

The hike begins with an almost nonstop incline along a dirt road lined with little cottages and historical ruins. Eventually, you make your way to a turnaround at the end of the road and a metal gate.

After walking through the gate, you continue your ascent but much more gradually. As the path winds up the mountain, the crew cut through switchbacks and made our way along multiple overlook areas.

Every 20-30 minutes, we stopped, let everyone catch their breath, and also took some time to enjoy the cannabis that everyone brought with them. These periodic smoke seshes allowed everyone to enjoy the trail and take in the views. Had it not been raining, we likely would have stopped more often and for longer periods of time.

As we neared the first “summit”, we began to see lightening. The thunder had been peppering the air for a while, menacing but a bark without a bite. After four separate lightening strikes, we decided to check out the overlook and then head back down for safety.

Everyone brought items to share. From joints to trail mix, the crew showed up and showed out. There wasn’t a smoke-free moment to be had, and everyone was in high spirits by the time we descended down the mountain, slightly wetter than we were on our journey up.

Everyone was great about waiting for one another this time as well. It’s such a nice feeling to see a group of strangers come together over a love for the outdoors, a love of cannabis, and a desire to share that with others.

Our next event is our Volunteer Day with Wilderness on Wheels next weekend, June 22nd at 10AM. More information can be found on the plan. Our next hike is July 7th near Fort Collins. More details can be found at the hike plan page. Make sure to check out the plan and RSVP before our third hike fills up!

And don’t forget about our backpacking trip in July and our third annual Summer Camp in August. Join us for cannabis-friendly campouts throughout the summer by requesting your invite before the events fill up!

Happy CannaVenturing!

Much love,

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