CannaVenture® September Hike 2019 – Recap

/CannaVenture® September Hike 2019 – Recap

CannaVenture® September Hike 2019 – Recap

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Our September hike with GreenStone Steel kicked off earlier than normal this past Sunday at 10am in Staunton State Park. The CannaVenture® crew arrived early and set up in the Meadow Lot. Attendees began arriving shortly after 10AM and got to learn more about the TravelMaster, GreenStone Steel’s travel bong made from stainless steel and designed to pack down into a small, hex case that allows for portability on even the most rugged trails.



When a majority of the group had arrived, we voted on the best trail to take. Our original plan was to head towards Elk Falls Overlook, but the more than 11 mile round trip inspired the crew to create their own route. After a brief demonstration of the TravelMaster and the opportunity to hand out flyers, the crew headed out just before 10:30AM.

Per the group vote, we decided to create a loop trail rather than trekking out and back, and decided to take Staunton Ranch Trail to the Old Mill to Mason Creek and finishing on the meadow trail headed back to the parking lots. This time last year, the Aspens were already changing color and we had planed for a Fall Colors hike. Due to our late summer, our Fall season has been delayed a bit as well, which meant that attendees got to see the first few glimpses of the leaves changing. This is definitely a trail/route that we would recommend doing on your own in the next few weeks to continue to experience the beauty of Colorado as the leaves change.

As we journeyed along, members of the crew enjoyed fresh raspberries, picked right off the trail. This season’s various lessons in edible outdoor plants have encouraged crew members to explore raspberries, strawberries, and edible fungi, and our September hike continued this trend with large, ripe raspberries ready for enjoyment.

The crew made it about two miles before deciding to take a well-earned smoke break. We set our gear down, set up our smoking devices and blew clouds towards the canopy of aspen and pine trees surrounding us. Everyone had a chance to eat a few snacks, rehydrate, and try out the TravelMaster firsthand. Attendees enjoyed bong rips from a full size bong out in the middle of the woods without worrying about breaking glass or carrying a large protective case.

Hints of yellows and light oranges peeked through the canopy of green and blue leaves as we continued along our journey. The trek up Old Mill was among the most steep and challenging parts of the journey, and definitely a reminder that we had chosen a moderate-hard path for the day’s CannaVenture. At this point, some of our crew turned back to head down the mountain, while the rest trekked on, conquering the steep incline (nearly 1200ft) and making it to the site of the Old Mill.

The crew continued along Mason’s creek, stopping occasionally to enjoy small creeks, waterfalls, and smoke breaks. The further along that we hiked, the less crowds of bikers, horses and other hikers. We continued our leisurely decline back and enjoyed the sounds, sights, and smells of the forest.

For our hardest and longest hike of the season, our crew did a great job. In total, the crew did more than seven miles in under 3.5 hours, with an elevation gain nearing 1200 ft. Everyone was impressed by the portability and durability of the TravelMaster, and welcomed the chance to enjoy bong rips throughout the hike. Thank you to everyone who made it out, conquered the hike, and enjoyed cannabis responsibly in an outdoor environment.

Our next event is our 2nd Annual Discs-n-Dabs Fall Classic, followed by our first ever hike in North Carolina with the GlasseX crew. More details can be found at each event’s plan pages or by emailing us at 

Join us for three more cannabis-friendly events throughout this Summer/Fall by requesting your invite before the events fill up!

Happy CannaVenturing!

Much love,

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