CannaVenture® Summer Camp 2019 – Recap

/CannaVenture® Summer Camp 2019 – Recap

CannaVenture® Summer Camp 2019 – Recap

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This past weekend was incredible. Staff woke up at sunrise on Friday morning and began prep for campers. We set up the check in areas and made sure signage was easily visible. Around 11:30, the first campers began arriving. We drove around the property getting a fire pit and gathering firewood. We gathered two truck loads and all of it was burned that night.

Ducky arrived mid afternoon and began setting up sound and lights. More and more campers began arriving and setting up throughout the property. While campers waited, our Arts & Crafts area opened, and campers enjoyed pot painting, flower crowns, and more throughout the weekend. Our first class wasn’t scheduled until 4pm, and Live Music began just after 6:30 with Brett Gretzky. They played an incredible set.

After Brett Gretzky was People Corrupting people, who drove in only for the show and then left shortly thereafter for another show today (Saturday). They crushed their set, had great energy, and even had a few new members. Brett Gretzky even freestyled with them at one point while they kicked off our Glow Party.

After PCP, Guantanamo Bae took the stage to close out the night. He was only supposed to play a two hour set, but ended up playing closer to 4 or 5 hours of music for the crowd. Ryan (of Mountain Strange) even hopped in for a time with his mandolin.

Day 2 started with a gorgeous sunrise that I was able to catch from up top on the hill near the caretaker’s house. Saturday was our busiest day, and also one of the most fun days that I’ve had at our Summer Camps.

Due to our late turn in time (at least 4AM) and the early sunrise (around 6AM), many slept in a bit longer than normal. As Primal Healing began setting up their Tea bar, multiple people came by and took advantage of the hot tea, some even opting to ice it for a more refreshing tea option. 

Just after 9AM, cannabis yoga started with Heather Dee in the geodesic dome on the ranch. Participants gathered in the center of the dome on blankets, yoga mats and towels, while Ducky from Planks and Rails suspended himself from the top of the dome in a hammock, promptly falling asleep. Yoga went on for nearly an hour and was followed up by Cannabis Fitness. 

After Fitness, we taught Stoner Survival to more than 30 of our attendees. We handed out rope segments to every camper and taught them a few basic knots, including the square knot, the double half hitch and the taut line hitch, useful knots for almost any scenario. Then, we led campers in making their own bracelets, keychains, and even dog collars using paracord. This created “survival bracelets” that give the wearer a handy supply of line and cord in case of an emergency, and we even learned the benefits of breaking your paracord apart into smaller ropes. I passed around my Stoner Survival Book for the crowd to peek at and get tips from, and the book ended up in Jamie Janover’s hands (owner, Hummingbird Ranch & Sonic Bloom). He placed the book in the Hummingbird Ranch Museum after seeing us host the first classes in the nest near the Hummingbird Stage. The campers all thanked him for his graciousness in hosting us.

Following Stoner Survival, Lia led her sustainability class, educating attendees on various methods for improving the sustainability of our lifestyles. This class was followed by Primal Healing’s Topicals Talk, an hour focused on how to identify reputable cannabis and hemp products in the skincare industry, as well as some key points on why certain ingredients are perceived to “work” and how CBD can and should provide additive benefits in the products that utilize this cannabinoid.

After Topicals, we had some fun tiedying and enjoying snowcones that one of the camps brought for attendees while we hid live resin around the main camp area from Igadi LTD.

Then, I was back in the classroom leading Blunts & Crafts. This time, I had Frank as my Teaching Assistant. I realized this year that most people don’t know how to roll blunts (or joints), whether they are normal papers or backwoods. So, we focused the beginning of the class on simply rolling joints and backwoods (and frontos). We moved on to some basic weaving, as an ode to last year’s class. We also had Josh roll up a fat cross joint and Frank rolled up a fat three finger braided blunt.


After blunts and crafts, everyone returned to their campsites to begin dinner and Ducky and Ryan hopped on stage to do a few songs while waiting for Recycled Funk. Once RF showed up, they sound checked and we took our family photo with 50+ people in it. Then, RF spit out a DJ set that kicked the night off while Incredibles ran their S’mores Bar with medicated and non medicated options for campers.

Music continued with a full band set from Mountain Strange and a full band set from Recycled Funk to close out the night. Many campers enjoyed the s’mores bar and it put most of the camp into a medicated slumber, leaving a handful of loyal fans to enjoy the night’s final songs.

We turned in to bed around 4AM this morning, waking up just after 6AM to watch the sunrise with everyone who’d stayed up all night. Campers began packing up after the second yoga class, this time held near the stage for shade. Most campers had departed the property by noon, and the rest would follow suit within the hour. 

Our next event is our first Tennessee Hemp Hike, August 31st. More information can be found on the plan. Our next hike in Colorado is September 15th near Pine, CO. More details can be found at the hike plan page. Make sure to check out the plan and RSVP before our hikes fills up!

Join us for cannabis-friendly events throughout the summer by requesting your invite before the events fill up!

Happy CannaVenturing!

Much love,

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