CannaVenture® August Hike 2019 – Recap

/CannaVenture® August Hike 2019 – Recap

CannaVenture® August Hike 2019 – Recap

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Our fifth hike of the season kicked off with a threat of some thunderstorms which deterred a few, but for those that showed up, we had a beautiful hike with only a little bit of rain for our August hike, sponsored by Smokin Gun Apothecary


When we arrived at the trailhead, we were greeted by park staff who had us take a survey. Originally, we had thought they would ask about our event. But, luckily, no issues. As 2pm rolled around, only a small group had showed up, but attendees ended up slowly rolling in, a few of whom showed up with a carful of people. We waited around until 2:45 and there was no sign of any additional attendees before heading out.

We hit the trailhead and made our way to the cabin that we had smoked at last year. This year, one of our hikers, Zach, had a unique ability to find edible plants and led much of the crew on a foraging excursion that slowed down our trek, but offered everyone the chance to learn a bit more about the forest around them. We eventually made it to the cabin to sesh and take a breath before continuing along.

We stopped intermittently for the crew to take breaths and catch up. And to allow those foraging a chance to know where they should be headed on the trail, eventually, making it to Panorama Point, the most picturesque part of the trail and the chance to see for nearly 100 miles on a clear day. Unfortunately, it was sprinkling with rain but we got some good pictures before continuing downhill for the last mile and a half.

As we finished the trail, everyone was in good spirits, properly elevated, and satisfied with our hike. We managed to avoid rain in spite of the threat of thunderstorms, and everyone came out in support of both my birthday and our August hike. Plus, we found wild raspberries growing on the trail thanks to Zach!

Our next event is our first Tennessee Hemp Hike, August 31st. More information can be found on the plan. Our next campout is our third annual Summer Camp, August 23-25th in Southern Colorado. Our next hike in Colorado is September 15th near Pine, CO. More details can be found at the hike plan page. Make sure to check out the plan and RSVP before our third hike fills up!

Join us for cannabis-friendly campouts throughout the summer by requesting your invite before the events fill up!

Happy CannaVenturing!

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