Discs-n-Dabs 2019: The Recap

/Discs-n-Dabs 2019: The Recap

Discs-n-Dabs 2019: The Recap

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This past weekend was one for the books. CannaVenture hosted our third annual Discs-n-Dabs campout and tournament at WonderVU Disc Golf Course in Boulder County, Colorado for a sold out crowd of 30 teams, 20 sponsors, countless dogs and 5 live bands. Attendees were treated to multiple dab bars, a dab lounge, morning yoga and two rounds of disc golf that mandate you consume cannabis. We had campers from across the country representing more than five states.


Friday kicked off at noon when gates opened and teams began making their way up to the course to set up and claim the best camp sites. Those that set up early took advantage of the empty course with practice rounds before hitting the dab bars that Apothecary Extracts and Freenail ran throughout the event. As the evening sun set and temperatures began to drop, campers enjoyed bonfires, swapped stories, and burned cannabis oil until late in the evening.

Saturday morning came bright and early as the course faces the rising sun, treating those of us that are “morning people” to a 5:30AM sunrise, while those that enjoy their morning rest turned over or dover further into their campsites to snag a few extra winks before the first round. Morning yoga was hosted before the rounds began, and, after some brief announcements, teams were sent onto the course to begin.

Unlike most tournaments, the dabbing requirement lends itself to longer rounds. Most teams took 4-6 hours to finish their first round, and almost all of them took a munchie meal break after 9 holes (3 dabs per person). During the second half of their round, teams were treated to tunes from Far Out Underground Rainbow and Dzaster before People Corrupting People took the stage as our final band of the evening. Campers enjoyed bonfires, cotton candy, popcorn, and hot dogs during the performances while keeping the air full of dab smoke. After a long day of dabs and walking up and down a mountain course, most teams called it an earlier night.

Sunday morning brought with it even warmer temperatures and a sunny sky. Primal Healing set up a tea bar all weekend that greeted campers with hot beverages as the sun rose while a continental breakfast was provided to all. Campers took advantage of morning yoga to stretch after the previous day’s rounds before current scores and leaders were announced and the final rounds began. During Sunday’s rounds, campers were treated to an impromptu jam session from Richard (of PCP) and Ducky (of Planks & Rails Studios) before Brett Gretzky took the stage for some musical stylings.

Afterwards, our awards ceremony presented trophies to STL Dabbin, our Amateur Pision Champions, and Apothecary Extracts, our Back-to-Back Pro Pision Champions. First place teams in both pisions received a functional tournament trophy dab rig disc golf basket made by The Other Glass as well as custom-engraved wooden rig coasters by Elevated Engravings.The top three teams were as follows:

Pro Division:

  1. Apothecary Extracts : 348
  2. Team Frizzen: 352 (Won tiebreaker shootout)
  3. Team Feebs: 352

Am Division:

  1. STL Dabbin: 351
  2. Team Wondy: 370
  3. Good Ole’ Down Home Sluts: 383

Once awards had been handed out and pictures taken, we hosted our raffle, giving away rigs, genetics, coasters, a Gofire intelligent inhaler, Dabbin Dan hatpins, and more. Together, we raised $600 for Wilderness on Wheels, our partner charity that provides accessible outdoor camping, hiking and fishing.

As the night wore down, Mountain Strange took the stage for an evening of jams that kept campers in high spirits around the bonfire and dab bars. After a few hours of music and stories around the campfire, Ryan (of Mountain Strange) and Ducky picked up their acoustics for a fireside jam session that would last well into the early morning and include the christening of one highly-sought after Discs-n-Dabs pipe that Ducky won in the raffle.

Monday morning brought with it the reality of returning home. Many campers brought extra breakfast food to the common areas to share as they began to slowly disassemble their camps. Every campsite and attendee took extra care to make sure the property was clean and devoid of your typical trash, cigarette butts, cans and bottles. Campers packed out site trash and made sure to leave the property better than they found it, which helps keep everyone happy and makes it easier for us to continue to host these events. For that, we cannot thank you enough.

For the second year in a row, Discs-n-Dabs sold out and we truly appreciate all of the love, support, and positive vibes from our attendees, volunteers, sponsors and musical guests. You all made this a weekend to remember for everyone involved.


If you loved Discs-n-Dabs (or if you missed out on getting an invite), join us at our next campout in July. We’re going backpacking in Southern Colorado! Check out the details here.

Don’t forget, we’re throwing our third annual CannaVenture Summer Camp, our version of an adult summer camp that’s cannabis friendly. This year’s camp will take place August 23-25 on a 360-acre private ranch in the middle of the mountains. Join us for great vibes and cannabis-themed entertainment.

Thank you to everyone involved. Discs-N-Dabs 2020 will take place on Memorial Day Weekend 5/22/20-5/25/20. Our next hike is on June 15th in Green Mountain Falls, CO and we would love to see more of you there. Head on over to the event page for more information.

Happy CannaVenturing!

Much love,


To request more information or discuss a sponsorship, you can reach Cannabenoid directly at Ben@Creativebenefits.org.

P.S. Don’t forget to join the Group on Facebook and send us your pictures! We will try to add as many as possible. Special thanks to: Dave’s Not Here Man, Sarah Pritchard, The Apothecary Extracts Crew, the STL Dabbin Crew, Jordan Person, DJ Reetz, Hemp Connoisseur Magazine, Donna Brown, Bender, and everyone else who has already turned in photos of the event!

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