2019 Season Announcement

/2019 Season Announcement

2019 Season Announcement

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Happy holidays, Crew!

While we’ve all been enjoying some time off, the team at CannaVenture® has been hard at work preparing for the 2019 season, our fourth season hosting outdoor cannabis events that prove responsible, outdoor consumption is possible, enjoyable, and enhances your adventures. Thank you to every single person who has ever attended, volunteered at, sponsored or promoted our efforts and events.

Without further ado, the 2019 calendar of events has been released and is viewable on the Calendar page. This year, we’ve got at least 10 events lined up for you including at least three campouts, two disc golf tournaments, and six hikes! Just like last season, our events that take place on public land will be consume at your own risk and our tournaments and campouts that take place on private land will allow all forms of cannabis consumption.

2019 CannaVenture® Events:

  • 4/21/19 – Opening Hike of the season the day after 4/20!

    • Come celebrate and elevate in the outdoors at Rattlesnake Gulch Trail in El Dorado State Park.

    • Hike begins at 2PM.

  • 5/12/19 – Royal Arch Trail in Boulder Open Space

    • Hike begins at 2PM

  • 5/24/19 – 5/27/19 (Memorial Day Weekend) – Discs-n-Dabs™ 2019 at WonderVu DGC

    • Third Annual Discs-n-Dabs™ Disc Golf tournament.

    • 3 Nights, 4 Days of Cannabis Camping and Disc Golf

    • Teams of three play two rounds of 18 baskets.

    • Each team is allowed one caddy/spectator

    • One dab must be taken at every basket (6 dabs per person per round).

    • Event begins 12PM

  • 6/15/19 – Catamount Trail in Green Mountain Falls

    • Hike begins at 1PM

  • 7/7/19 – Fossil Creek Trail in Cathy Fromme Prairie Natural Area

    • Hike begins at 12PM

  • 7/19/19 – 7/21/19 – Our first CannaVenture® Backpacking Trip!

    • Only 20 spots available!

    • Secret location

    • Weekend Campout

    • Event begins at 12PM.

  • 8/10/19 – Raccoon Loop in Golden Gate Canyon State Park

    • It’s my (Cannabenoid’s) birthday!

    • Come celebrate and elevate in the outdoors

    • Special surprise in store/More details to be announced closer to the event

    • Hike begins at 2PM

  • Late August – CannaVenture® Presents: NORML Summer Camp 2019

    • Third Annual Partnership with Denver NORML

    • Reimagine your favorite childhood memories in an adult-themed, cannabis-friendly Summer Camp environment.

    • Weekend Campout

  • 9/15/19 – Elk Falls Overlook in Golden Gate Canyon State Park

    • Last official hike of the season!

    • Hike begins at 10am

  • 9/28/19 – Discs-n-Dabs™ Fall Classic 2019: Doubles Tournament

    • Our second annual Discs-n-Dabs Fall Classic!

    • Join us for our last disc golf event of the season.

    • Bring your own partner

    • Event begins at 9am

I know that that is a ton of information and we will be working to get all of the Facebook and EventHi events created in the coming months to make it easy to RSVP and keep track of when the next hike or campout is. In the meantime, if you’re making plans to go hiking, camping, backpacking or disc golfing, be sure to take note of the above dates and we hope to see you at one of our 2019 events.

Happy New Year!

Much love,


P.S. A little bird told me that there was going to be a presale on Discs-n-Dabs™ team invites in the near future. Limited spaces will be available at last year’s rates. Stay tuned!

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