Reflecting on Four Seasons of CannaVenture®

/Reflecting on Four Seasons of CannaVenture®

Reflecting on Four Seasons of CannaVenture®

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As I look back upon this past season, and the seasons prior, it is truly astounding what we have accomplished. I say “we” because I could never have imagined that CannaVenture® would grow as it has and that would never have happened without the support of the Cannaventure Crew, made up of more than 2000 people of different ages, races, genders, states, and even nationalities who have attended, promoted, and sponsored more than 35 outdoor cannabis events in the last four years.

A Quick Recap:
Season 1: I didn’t know what I was doing, but I knew that I wanted to bring people together in the great outdoors over a shared love of cannabis and nature. We hosted four hikes and two campouts, and learned an immeasurable amount about both Colorado law and the desires of our attendees.


Season 2: After some trouble procuring a permit for our intended season opener hike due to the size of our group, we decided to focus exclusively on private campouts. This focus allowed for the creation of Discs-n-Dabs® and our annual Summer Camp, created in partnership with Denver NORML. We also had the opportunity to help produce an annual music festival for more than 300 people in Park County.

Season 3: After two seasons of figuring out the nuances of cannabis events and cannabis laws, we brought everything together, hosting monthly hikes throughout the state of Colorado while also hosting three private campouts, including Discs-n-Dabs and Summer Camp.

Season 4: This past season saw an incredible amount of support for the cannabis, outdoor, and disc golf communities. We hosted monthly hikes from April through October as well as our annual Discs-n-Dabs and Summer Camp campouts, and threw our first ever CannaVenture Backpacking Trip. We received our first two permits for cannabis hikes from city governments (Boulder & Fort Collins). We also announced our philanthropy partnership with Wilderness on Wheels, hosting a volunteer day on site and successfully raising $1400 for their efforts over the season thanks to the generous support of our attendees and sponsors. Not only did we accomplish all of this in Colorado, we hosted our first out-of-state events, with the launch of our Tennessee Hemp Chapter and a partnership with Glassroots Art Show.

The Impact of the CannaVenture Crew
Each year that we successfully hike and camp together is another step towards normalizing social cannabis use. The Cannaventure Crew represents a diverse demographic of individuals who regularly come together to enjoy one another’s company, the beauty of the world around them, and the cannabis and hemp products that are legal in their areas. Since 2016, we’ve successfully hosted 35+ outdoor cannabis events for more than 2000 legal, responsible cannabis-consuming adults without incident. Our attendees are examples of what responsible cannabis consumers look like; they’re active, social, engaged, and conscious of the world around them, including the dangers associated with reckless cannabis use.

Together, we continue to show society that cannabis consumers respect our parks, lands, and one another, and can do so while enjoying cannabis in the great outdoors.

As we look towards 2020 and our fifth season hosting outdoor cannabis events, our focus is on continuing to refine and expand our experiences. Next year, we have 12 hikes planned in Colorado, Tennessee, North Carolina, as well as a few new states. We’ll be hosting at least two Discs-n-Dabs tournaments and our newly-renamed Camp CannaVenture summer camp, and may even have a few campouts planned for the East Coast!

Moving forward, we cannot wait to share another season with each and every one of you. It has been my pleasure to lead groups of likeminded individuals into the wilderness with nothing but good intentions and a bag of nature’s finest, only to conclude each event with new friends, connections, and memories. I look forward to seeing you all at our Season 5 kickoff on April 19th, 2020.

With love,

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